Hack Your Way to Nintendo Zone Content

If you own a Nintendo 3DS you know you can only get Nintendo Zone downloadable content at participating retailers but there is now an any easy way to do this from home and save the trip with just a simple  Hack to your router.  For anyone unsure about what the Nintendo Zone is,  it’s a downloadable content delivery service that allows 3DS users to pull down videos and game demos, but for some reason only known to them, Nintendo has only allowed you to do this at participating retailers (i.e. Best Buy, McDonalds)

Thankfully for all of you hermits out there you can now do this from your own home with this simple router change. As NeoGAT user “Darkwish” explains

“If you set your wireless network to be named attwifi and make it unsecured, then add that network on your 3DS… you can access the Nintendo Zone from home! So whatever demos (right now it’s just Mario & Sonic), Pokémon TV show episodes, and other content they have on there is now accessible from home.”  Here is a video explaining the process.

Now you never have to leave your house. Enjoy.