Activision cancels Guitar Hero franchise

The day the music died?


  1. That news came as a surprise. That picture came as a shock… what the… his eyes… how… mustache? Sweater… words…

  2. I’m sorry to see the franchise go. I just hope Rock Band can hang in there with their fan base. It would truly suck if music games ended up with no options beyond Tap Tap Revenge on iPhone.

  3. Thank goodness! Good riddance! That’s what they get for releasing six GH games in six months!

  4. Finally, not that I have played it really. That is a wacky picture.

  5. Rock band just got to a really great point with their use of the fender squier and the bottom drops out of the rhythm game market…. booooooo

  6. I always chose Guitar Hero over Rock Band until Rock Band 3 came out. Warriors of Rock proved Activision has nothing left in the tank. This will be good in the long run. Way too saturated of a genre. I have nothing wrong against new Guitar Hero games, just against 10 new titles in a year. 😀 Didn’t Activision see this coming? It was pretty obvious to all of us this was too many titles.

    >Raises glass< Here's to Wii Music 2

  7. On the brighter side, Rock Band’s releasing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” (among others) this Friday for Valentine’s Day. I can not wait to overact into the microphone on those two.

  8. i wonder what franchise actiblizzard wil lwhor einto the ground next.. call of duty?

  9. First of all, that image is really disturbing :S.

    Second, everything just goes as planned by Activision: get all the money as fast as you can, then leave the place. Same strategy is going on with Call of Duty, actually. So, nothing surprising here. It even lasted much longer than I’d thought, for a game basically limited to obey what button to press.

  10. very freaky looking picture.

  11. This is not at all surprising. the most recent versions are band hero but with guitar put in front of it to make more money. oh, and does anybody know if their is styx on any band games?

  12. I find the included photograph to be highly unsettling, for some reason…
    As opposed to the news itself. I think the entire music game concept has hit the end of the line, and for the better. If they’re going to continue it, they had better think of some epic Super Mario Galaxy-scale innovation.

  13. That’s one disturbing pic indeed…

  14. Well with guitar hero aerosmith, gutiar hero vanhalen, guitar hero world tour, guitar hero 5, band hero, guitar hero legends of rock, guitar hero on tour, guitar hero on tour decades and every other guitar hero I forgot to mention… How were they not milking it? The only guitar hero I had was guitar hero 3 and that was the first on wii and the last in my opinion. I was going to get another one but when I did there was always a newer version coming out. It was like buying a damn iPod lol.(almost as expensive too)

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