Rock Band

Activision cancels Guitar Hero franchise

The day the music died?

Rock Band 3 looks lame; is proof rhythm games missed the point

In 2007, a handful of ex-Guitar Hero developers announced a “radical new idea” in video games. I know because I was in the room at E3 when they announced it. They, Harmonix, were going to launch “an interactive music platform” called Rock Band, after which additional songs and game updates would be download later—as opposed to yearly stand alone releases. Everyone in the ...

New Game Get checks in with Wario

Fairly quiet week as far as physical releases are concerned, but WiiWare, Virtual Console, and DSiWare sure are hopping.  WarioWare DIY came out yesterday, anyone get it or plan to get the WiiWare showcase title?

New Game Get seeks out Cave Story, Red Steel 2, and DSi XL

FINALLY, Cave Story comes out for WiiWare. Is it worth the wait and 1200 points? The big release coming this Sunday will be the new DSi XL. Along with it, Nintendo is releasing America’s Test Kitchen and WarioWare DIY. And now Nintendo is putting out Game & Watch titles for download, kinda makes me want a DSi. The other big DS releases this week are Shin Megami Tensei and Dawn of Heroes....

New Game Get heads to the North Pole with Sam & Max

This week’s big releases are on the Wii with new Japanese survival horror game Calling and the second collection of Sam & Max episodes. And it seems interesting that Final Fantasy II is being released today, no?

New Game Get: Mega Man 10 is released today!

Mega Man 10 is out today for Wii! And just in case you didn’t buy the four original Sonic games on the Virtual Console, you can get them on a DS game pak this week. MLB 2k10 is also out on both Wii and DS. There’s a new game that comes with a camera for Wii called Racquet Sports, too. Personally, I want to go download some Silversun Pickups on Rock Band 2 before their tour hits town th...

New Game Get takes a dip in the Endless Ocean

The big release this week is the budget title sequel to Endless Ocean for Wii. I think it’s the first WiiSpeak game Nintendo has released since Animal Crossing came out over a year ago. On the downloadable side of things, GhostSlayer sounds interesting as its the first WiiWare game I know of that uses MotionPlus. Of note: there are no Virtual Console games at all this week! That must mean ev...

Dhani Harrison to redegisn controller, make all my Rock Band dreams come true

Something has always bothered me about guitar rhythm games: we’re spending all this time to pretend to play a guitar when we could actually be playing a guitar. I felt a little better when drums were thrown into the mix that was actually somewhat like playing the drums – but the guitar? It felt like a waste of effort. Not anymore. Son of Beatles Guitarist George Harrison, Dhani, reveal...

New Game Get apparently still thinks Wii Fit is it

Wii Fit is it .. plus! Otherwise we’re staring at a list of fairly uninspired games with one exception being A Witch’s Tale. Meanwhile, some awesome rock going on with Queens of the Stone Age on Guitar Hero 5 and The Raconteurs and Electric Six on Rock Band 2. The original Final Fantasy for NES is out this week, so that’s pretty cool, too. Anything you want to pick up this week?

New Game Get rises from the grave with Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Dead Space Extraction, Arkanoid Plus, and Altered Beast

This week’s big releases are Dead Space Extraction and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I have to speak up and say that the inclusion of The Faint’s “The Geeks Were Right” on Guitar Hero 5 has made me VERY happy; their album Fasciinatiion was my favorite of 2008. Arkanoid Plus is a new WiiWare title that I will definitely get and it might be hard to pass up the arcade version of ...

New Game Get gets scribbling! [updated]

The DS wins the week with both Bowser’s Inside Story and Scribblenauts making their debut. Over on the Wii there’s NHL 2K10 and Toy Story Mania that look interesting.  Still no word from Nintendo yet on the WiiWare, DSiWare, or Virtual Console games. DSiWare titles this week are Art Academy and Oscar in Toyland, for WiiWare it’s Texas Hold’Em Poker, Spaceball: Revolution, and ...

Did you pick up The Beatles: Rock Band?

The fab four are all the rage on this fine Wednesday. Did you pick up the Rock Band Beatles special, or is Guitar Hero 5 taking up your time? Tell us how it plays.