Rock Band

New Game Get – Beatles Rock Band, Muramasa, and Contra Rebirth!

This week’s big release is The Beatles: Rock Band, but you have to admit that Muramasa looks pretty awesome, too. Guitar Hero is switching their downloadable content exclusively to GH5 and it looks like they’re trying to counteract Beatlesmania with some Rolling Stones. Rock Band 2 continues to get a ton of DLC with some Talking Heads and some Penny Arcade Expo tracks. And OMG … ...

Poll – Guitar Hero 5 vs Beatles Rock Band

Well, it’s time for another round of rhythm game show down.  This week we want to know: {democracy:94}

Pirates and music? New Game Get!

My mind is exploding this week .. only one game for Wii, but it’s Guitar Hero 5! And then there’s the second chapter for Tales of Monkey Island, not to mention that some folks will be excited to check out the original Master System version of Phantasy Star. Don’t even get me started on the DLC music for Rock Band 2 this week, either … Christmas? Click on in for the huge lis...

New Game Get gets too many games!

This is actually a pretty amazing week for a Summer release date.  Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is awesome. Metroid Prime Trilogy is guaranteed awesome. Super Empire Strikes Back is virtually awesome.  And Cursed Mountain at the very least has an awesome title.  Check on in for more new games and DLC for Rock Band & Guitar Hero.

New Game Get is downloading now!

This week is all about the downloads. After watching some video footage of this new Nintendo title, I plan to check out PictureBook Gamesâ„¢: Pop-Up Pursuit. It looks like it might fill the Mario Party hole we’ve had for a while now. Revenge of Shinobi for Genesis and some great Rock Band songs round out a decent week of downloads. Too bad the regular Wii and DS games this week can’t k...

New Game Get hits the gridiron and heads to Tatooine

It’s that time of year again for a new Madden game. Nintendo has a new game out called Fossil Fighters, too. A lot more Rock Band back catalog songs are released while Guitar Hero World Tour has a bunch of free tracks. In other download news, WiiWare gets NyxQuest and a new game from Nintendo called Rock N’ Roll Climber, DSiWare gets a Brain Age minigame, and freaking Super Star Wars c...

New Game Get dashes into the kitchen for pork chop sandwiches

Not a lot to get excited this week, except maybe G.I. Joe and the return of Virtual Console with Tecmo Bowl! (And I’m casting a sideways glance at M-rated WiiWare title Sexy Pokerâ„¢ … they trademarked “Sexy Poker”??) Hop on in for the full list, plus a ton of Rock Band DLC releasing this week.

New Game Get has tropical fever with Monkey Island and Wii Sports Resort!

It’s official .. with both Wii Sports Resort and the WiiWare release of Monkey Island, this is the best release week of the last three months! (I’m still a little concerned about two weeks in a row of no Virtual Console titles…) Click on in for other games and DLC for Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

New Game Get enjoys the royal treatment this week

Fun stuff this week includes Little King’s Story for Wii and the WiiWare release of My Life As A Darklord. Sadly there are no retro goodies on the Virtual Console.  And it’s another awesome week for Rock Band 2 owners with DLC from the Dead Weather, No Doubt, and Judas Priest! Click on in for the full megalist.

New Game Get goes retro and rocks out with the Pixies

This week gets some old school flavor with the retro flavored Bit Boy for WiiWare and a couple of games from classic Sega consoles. Tons of stuff for Rock Band including The Killers, Spinal Tap, and a huge selection from the Pixies. Click on in for the full list!

New Game Get is “ware” it’s at this week!

With only The Bigs 2 coming out for Wii, WiiWare is the place to find your new games for the week.  Bit.Trip Core is the follow-up to the awesome Bit.Trip Beat and Bust-a-Move Plus looks like a blast, too.  And the Commodore 64 classic California Games over on the Virtual Console is definitely worth 5 bucks.  Rock Band 2 gets songs from Green Day’s new album 21st Century Breakdown, artist...

New Game Get goes to the movies!

This week there’s not one but TWO movie tie-in games with Harry Potter and Ice Age getting new Wii and DS titles. Roogoo hits both systems as well. On the downloadable side, WiiWare gets a new FPS from Hudson, but using water guns and some Sudoku action for your DSi.  There’s a pretty decent selection of Rock Band 2 DLC songs, too!  Click on in for the full details.