Poll – Guitar Hero 5 vs Beatles Rock Band


Well, it’s time for another round of rhythm game show down.  This week we want to know:



  1. Come on people, we need more neither. We must revolt against the exploitation of these franchises!

  2. i’ll probably end up going with gh5 just because of van halen. but i’ll still feel bad for supporting them because gh5 has one of the worst setlists in guitar hero history.

  3. I voted neither. Im sick of the 80 GH games that are out there. Activision just running the series into the ground like they did with tony hawk. Rock band still kinda cool i guess.

  4. Neither. I’m completely over all of it.

  5. Like WoW, I managed to avoid this colossal money sink that is the music game.

  6. The Beatles will be great (I hope, but playing Twist & Shout is going to piss off my neighbors), but otherwise I’m waiting for GH5 to hit the bargain bin. It adds nothing worthwhile.

  7. I bought Guitar Hero 2 back in the day because rhythm games were fun and exciting. Then I played a lot of Rock Band due to the addition of vocals and drums. Since then I found the genre has been pretty stale.

  8. I will not spend any more money on Guitar Hero anything. Not since my first World Tour drum kit didn’t work out the box and my replacement broke 3 days later. Not that it ever worked anyway since the sensitivity was all wrong.

    Those things were solved eventually, but the DLC released in the UK for GH:WT has been so unbelievably dire that I will not touch anything they do. They promised fantastic support for World Tour and it was nowhere to be seen, so I wouldn’t pin my hopes on the GH5 setlist improving through DLC – they’ll just ship GH6 instead.

    Since I was never really satisfied by GH:WT, I’ll now be getting Beatles RB and if I like what I see, then I’ll be getting RB2 as well.

  9. Hi, I’m Nintendo’s readership!

    I’m voting “neither”, because hating music games is the current trend! Yes, I secretly still play them with friends over a beer or two, but don’t tell anyone lest I look uncool. Yessir, I’m an original, that I am! A real free-thinker!

  10. @Infendo’s Readership
    You sir, have just won the thread.
    I’ll be getting the beatles.

  11. Did anyone else notice that the Wii version of GH5 is $60 or am I just late to the party?

  12. @ Dfox

    Me too, incidentally! 🙂