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Miss the GameCube? Then you gotta listen to this week’s episode of Infendo Radio

Join Derek and I as we dissect a changing gaming landscape, asks listeners what they do with finished games, get even more down on 3DS than we already were, and tackle our biggest mailbag in the show’s history. Oh, we

Activision cancels Guitar Hero franchise

The day the music died?

The exact, precise moment the music game fad burst

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the instant in time when something’s suddenly not as cool as it was a moment before. Other times it’s easy. Remember this ad from two years ago? For music games as the Current Big Thing,

Fierce competitors take opposite paths

After struggling through a period of shrinking audiences and product glut, the two major music game franchises have chosen very different roads. 2010 will be remembered as the year Rock Band got real and Guitar Hero went Looney Tunes. And

Wii meets British comedy in The IT Crowd

Netflix is the best Non-Nintendo software to hit Wii. British comedy is the best thing to hit Netflix. When Wii, Netflix and British Comedy combine, you get The IT Crowd. Roy plays Wii. Just another day in the I.T. department.

Rock Band 3 looks lame; is proof rhythm games missed the point

In 2007, a handful of ex-Guitar Hero developers announced a “radical new idea” in video games. I know because I was in the room at E3 when they announced it. They, Harmonix, were going to launch “an interactive music platform”