Wii meets British comedy in The IT Crowd

Netflix is the best Non-Nintendo software to hit Wii. British comedy is the best thing to hit Netflix. When Wii, Netflix and British Comedy combine, you get The IT Crowd.


Roy plays Wii. Just another day in the I.T. department. WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE.

In the skyscraper basement of Reynholm Industries, computer repair nerds Roy and Moss would rather play Wii and Guitar Hero, meet women on Friendface, or read Harry Potter than help the overpaid executives upstairs. They’re not thrilled about their new manager, Jen, who knows nothing about computers and was only assigned to the I.T. department because she lied on her resume. There’s a fourth I.T. member locked away behind a red door”¦but no one likes to talk about him.


Guitar Hero.

These, then, are the adventures of Roy, Moss and Jen. How much disaster can three mild-mannered I.T. workers get into? Human flaws lead to amazing places”¦


Inconsistent in quality from episode to episode, The IT Crowd isn’t the greatest comedy ever to hit the tube, but it does feature three of the most likable comic characters ever; Roy, Moss and Jen are a joy to hang around with, even when the scripts lose focus. At its best, the show is screamingly funny. At its worst, it’s just offensive and cheap. Throughout, however, you’re treated to great performances, particularly Richard Ayoade as Moss the ultra-nerd.

Best episodes to check out:

Season 1 ”“ Yesterday’s Jam, Calamity Jen, The Red Door, Aunt Irma Visits
Season 2 ”“ The Work Outing , The Dinner Party
Season 3 ”“ Tramps Like Us, The Speech, Friendface

If you’re old enough and you’ve got Wii Netflix, give it a download!