Is Uprising’s vocal track the boldest design move since Wind Waker?

Kid Icarus Uprising is a fantastic game, but it features an overwhelmingly talkative voice track that could be the most polarizing stylistic decision since Link went all toony in Wind Waker. When players and reviewers comment that Uprising’s characters “never shut up,” they’re not exaggerating. From start to finish of its 10 hour main quest, KIU is one huge festival of banter, jokes, complaints, d...

Link needs rupees for a new mirror shield, pawns his triforce

[youtube][/youtube] Kind of a slow news day in the world of Nintendo. It’s dangerous to RSS alone, take this! Oh, and if you’re interested, here is a shameless plug to my new personal blog I just created, Check it out! [Thanks David!]

Wii meets British comedy in The IT Crowd

Netflix is the best Non-Nintendo software to hit Wii. British comedy is the best thing to hit Netflix. When Wii, Netflix and British Comedy combine, you get The IT Crowd. [youtube][/youtube] Roy plays Wii. Just another day in the I.T. department. WARNING: ADULT LANGUAGE.