At last! The Last Story has been confirmed for a North American Launch.


I would like to think that Operation Rainfall has had a lot to do with Xenoblade Chronicles coming out this April to North American gamers, with their campaigns to let Nintendo of America know just how much the game was wanted. In a surprise move, Nintendo of America today announced in it’s Nintendo Direct video that The Last Story, another Operation Rainfall game, would be coming stateside sometime this summer.

Nintendo will be partnering with XSEED to bring the game to the Americas this year, leaving many Wii gamers breathing a sigh of relief. It only makes sense that NoA would be releasing the game in this region, seeing as how the release list for Wii is looking rather bleak for 2012 in lieu of the Wii U launch later this year. The Last Story is one of my most anticipated games of the year as I love anything that Hironobu Sakaguchi brings to the table. My first ever post for Infendo was actually about The Last Story, so in that sense I have a certain fondness in my heart for the game.

I’m no analyst, but I suspect that sales for The Last Story will far outnumber those of Xenoblade Chronicles just because I feel that so many of the people who may have wanted to play it may have already done so. If you plan on buying this game, let us know in the comments below!

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