Nintentunes: The windiest day edition

New Mexico is famous for a couple of things: Green chile, The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, birthplace of Smokey the Bear. In Spring, New Mexico is known for something else, wind. I don’t know how to describe how windy it is outside in the New Mexico area. One example is that this morning during our soccer game, we had to move to another field because the wind ripped the goal from the ground and snapped it in two! The other is the above picture. Yikes!

Lucky for anyone who is dealing with terrible weather that Nintentunes is here to keep you inside! This week we tackle board games, snowboarding, and even a few puzzle games on your quest for excellent Nintendo music. Hit the jump to experience Nintentunes!

NES – Archon: The Light and the Dark

[youtube][/youtube]At first glance Archon appears to similar to chess, which in many ways it is, but there are various significant changes that fundamentally change the gameplay. For starters, Archon can be more RPG at times than it is board game. Each piece has its own unique attributes, such as the fast-attacking, but weak knight piece, and the substantially stronger dragon piece that can attack from a distance. The game is definitely not a game for everyone, it is very complicated a difficult to master, but when the moment comes when the game just ‘clicks’ with you, the game can be an amazing experience.

SNES – Krusty’s Super Fun House

[youtube] [/youtube]Krusty’s Super Fun House is a surprisingly deep puzzle/platformer that is very reminiscent of the PC game Lemmings, the only difference is that instead of saving creatures, Krusty is tasked with killing rats while navigating through puzzle-like levels. While not particularly well polished, the controls are a bit spotty at times, the game is quite challenging and more importantly, it’s fun.

N64 – 1080° Snowboarding

[youtube] [/youtube]There hasn’t been a snowboarding game that has captivated me quite like the original 1080°, not even the Gamecube sequel1080°

Avalanche. The gameplay was simple, race down the mountain while acquiring as many points as possible, but it was very addictive and fun to play with a friend. Trick mode was where the game really shined, as players are tasked with raising their point total as high as possible. Pick 1080° up on the virtual console, you can’t go wrong.

Gamecube – Killer 7

[youtube] [/youtube]

Originally part of the ill fated Capcom Five, Killer7 is a title written, designed, and directed by Goichi Suda, also known as Suda51. The game difficult to describe, as it is an on-rails puzzle first person shooter. Confused yet? Good. The only way to truly understand Killer7 is to experience it for yourself. While I could tell you that the game centers around an elite group of assassins who go by the name of killer7, it would be better for you to experience the alternate 21st century game first hand. Good news is that the game shouldn’t be too hard to find, so go buy it already!

Wii – Little King’s Story

[youtube] [/youtube]

In Little King’s Story, the player takes control of King Corobo, who is taked with upgrading his kingdom of Alpoko. Corobo must build and fortify the kingdom, while also adventuring and questing to expand his village and make his subjects happy. Little King’s Story is unlike any other game I have experienced, and suits the Wii platform perfectly. The game is slightly difficult to find (at least it was for me), but if you can find a copy, pick it up.

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