Clemson Marching Band performs some of Nintendo’s finest


This past weekend, the University of Clemson Marching Band conducted a Nintendo-themed performance during halftime of the Clemson-Georgia Tech game, and boy was it impressive. The band starts off with select works from Koji Kondo’s Mario themes and then smoothly transitions into the Legend of Zelda. Aside from the rousing renditions of some classic NES themes, the Clemson Marching bad moved in unison to form into the shape of Mario’s face, a 1-Up Mushroom, and a Power Star. The kicker in this performance though was their clever, albeit crude, shape-shifting into Link, complete with forward-slashing motion of the Master Sword.

Enjoy the video of the performance above.

Harrison Milfeld is a writer, editor, and freelance journalist from Missouri. Ever since he could walk, Harrison has been an avid fan of the world of Nintendo. For years, he has purchased every one of the company's subsequent products (yes, including the Virtual Boy and eReader). It wasn't until he was a young teen when he bought a PS2 that he began to embrace cross-console relations, a decision he doesn't regret. When he's not gaming, Harrison is looking to break into the magazine journalism industry and realize his dream of becoming a features reporter.