Eiji Aonuma talks Skyward Sword, Zelda not a princess this time around

In an interview about upcoming Wii title The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Eiji Aonuma talks to Famitsu Magazine and reveals some slightly spoilery details. If you are attempting to keep pure and avoid all Skyward Sword info, you probably won’t want to click through.

The most exciting news to come out of the interview is that Link’s next adventure won’t follow the traditional ”˜save the princess’ formula established by many of the previous Zelda entries. In Skyward Sword, “She’s [Zelda] not a princess this time which is something I’ll pretty much have to put forth right now in order to talk about this title” says Aonuma. “She’s a childhood friend, but she goes away in the midst of the game and it’s Link’s job to search for her.”

Color me enthused. Aonuma goes on to say that Skyward Sword will play out like a school drama with Link and another character fighting over Zelda’s affection. Legend of Zelda: The Dating Sim? Probably not.

Also notable is that during the development of Skyward Sword, the team put an emphasise on giving Link new items early on in the game. “With previous Zeldas the common pattern was that the really neat items wouldn’t show up until later on in the game.” Aonuma said. “You need to have the basic item set or it wouldn’t be Zelda, so the new items tended to get shunted to the latter part of the game. Miyamoto said that had to change, like ‘This is neat, let’s bring it out from the start.’ So a lot of neat new items will show up pretty early on.”

It’s getting real hard to contain my excitement for this game. From what I got to play at E3 I am confident that Skyward Sword will be a great Zelda title. Will it be the best? I sure hope so!

Where does Skyward Sword peak on your excite-o-meter?


Picture credit: Eric Proctor via deviantART

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