After 25 years, Zelda still has staying power

What’s the most-wanted game this holiday? According to Nielsen Research, it’s Modern Warfare 3. Not far behind, however, is Zelda: Skyward Sword at number six, the only game from the ’80s to make the top 20. In fact, it’s one of only two games from the ’80s or ’90s, the other being Madden Football. Not a big surprise, I know, but the staying power of Zelda still impresses me. What other kinds of media have that kind of staying power? Obviously the recently released Star Wars Blu-ray, but Link is part of an elite group, no?

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  1. Lance says:

    A number of things from different media still has plenty of staying power, you got Star Wars and Indiana Jones, as well as Ghostbusters, which has staying power seeing as many a theater in my area is going to be running Ghostbusters starting the 13th.

    Music, you got The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elvis, Johnny Cash. TV you have Lucille Ball, and The Three Stooges (all six of them even though no one likes any of the other stooges other than Larry, Curly, and Moe). Books, you got all kinds of books with staying power I shan’t even list any. Whil elite, I don’t think it’s anywhere as limited as you would lead others to believe.

  2. ghettoska says:

    Yes indeed he is. Its one thing to be popular, but its another to STAY popular. I mean its been 25 years, people still can’t get enough of link. You think 20 years from now the new call of duty will be on the charts? I highly doubt it. Will link still be there? Definitely.

    He is my nintendo hero! Mario is the man, but link is right there too. Two best franchises…ever.

  3. monkat says:

    Mario 3D Land isn’t in the top 20?

  4. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    +1 for Blake

    That’s pretty much awesome.. It always surprises me how popular Zelda games are. It’s definitely why I’m a Ninty gamer today. 🙂 I can’t wait for Skyward Sword either. lol

  5. Neil n says:

    Modern Warfare 3? Seriously? The gaming majority is so stupid these days

  6. srkelley says:

    Aww, I would have expected Kirby to chart. Hopefully it manages to sell well, I love Kirby games.

  7. wrackune says:

    This list confuses me… It’s great to see Skyward Sword as #6 (Which honestly, I wasn’t expecting), but what’s boggling is that Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is higher than Skyrim…



  8. deepthought says:

    argh- my comment didnt post. silly argentinean internet.

    basically i said that Link’s story is a story we’ve heard a million times and will hear a million times again. because we all love it.

    it’s the story of the hero’s journey. it’s the epic of epic of gilgamesh or odysseus, or luke skywalker.

    although the series has made steps that make me much less interested, I understand why that template still attracts followers.

  9. Kaherka says:

    “Mario 3D Land isn’t in the top 20?”

    Because it’s on the 3DS. Also, 2D side scrolling mario games are more popular.

  10. Skotski says:

    Despite me not absolutely in love with Nintendo’s main characters, I have to say I do love them from a designer’s and marketer’s perspective: Nintendo’s main franchises are designed in a way where they’re still memorable, relevant, and fun for every generation of gamer.

    That’s more than you can say for most 3rd party big hit titles of this generation and past generations.

    …obviously that’s not saying ALL 3rd party games aren’t… it really matters how they’re designed, really.

    Example: Shadow of the Colossus will always be fun and exciting to play no matter what the generation… even if games get bigger and more epic, SotC will still be fun and exciting due to how it was designed.
    Call of Duty games, however, will constantly be replaced for better “simulated combat first person shooters”… other than that president mode, there’s no real reason to go back to previous installments of the games.

  11. Nfanboy says:

    I think Skyward Sword is going to deliver big time.

    Nielsen is underestimating the pontential of the game.

    I’m sure this will be the first Zelda to break the 10 million mark ( Ocarina of Time might reach that mark with the remake though ).

    I mean the Wii installed base is huge and Fans have been waiting for ages. Besides there wasn’t any big game for the Wii since Donkey Kong Returns ( except Xenoblade if you’re in Europe ).

    I would not be surprised if the game beat Super Smash Bros Brawl record for Nintendo platform ( 2.7 million units sold in week 1 in th US only ).

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