Poll: Do you own more than one current generation console?

ps3xbox360wiisizeIt’s a simple question!



  1. I plan to buy a ps3 when I finish all the wii and ds games I want to play … which very likely will never happen :P.

  2. Wii is only for first-party games. 360 is for first and third party game 🙂

  3. Unless DS counts as a second console…

  4. I don’t own any current gen. systems. Very sad.

  5. Wii60 here
    With a sprinkling of DSP

  6. All three here. Wii for the exclusives, 360 for the exclusives, and PS3 for everything else.

  7. I don’t have anything else but the Wii, but I wouldn’t mind a PS3. There are some exclusive games that my son and I would love to play, plus it would be nice to have a Blu-Ray player.
    It’s more likely though that we might get a PS2, and get some of the great PS2 games frist.

  8. WiiS3 and DSP here. I can’t entirely say I have Sony’s products for home and portable media instead of gaming, but it’s pretty close.

  9. Wii/PS3
    This is the first generation I’ve bought anything other than Nintendo consoles…

  10. just the 360. and pc and ds.

    though i havent used my ds in ages.

    though i get my wii and ps3 on at friends houses.

    wish the 360 had bluray. and was more reliable. the ps3 is a really sleek machine.

  11. I just got wii and ds. Had a 360, tough owning multiple systems. Buying games for multiple systems makes you broke quick 😀 not too into shooters, so i chose wii over 360

  12. Wii/PS3/360
    DS Lite x 3 (only one of which still works)/PSP x 2

    I plan on getting a DSi XL (with HeartGold) when they finally announce the NA release… that is if they ever do. 🙁 I hope it comes in white or black though – not too fond of the old-people colours (j/k, kinda). 😛


  13. Just the Wii for now. I’ve been interested in getting a PS3 for a while now, but at the rate the price on that thing is dropping I think I’d rather just wait until Jak 4(5?) or Kingdom Hearts 3 or something shows up. Something that I can’t live without playing, since right now I’ve got more games than I know what to do with.

  14. Have had a wii since launch and just got a ps3 a week ago off of ebay. I am a huge sim sports game fanatic and the wii just does not cut it for that. Cannot wait for The Show to come out, I might never leave my couch again.

  15. Wii and PS3 owner.

    Got PS3 mostly for Bluray and Little Big Planet. I have trouble buying PS3 games because of the 70 dollar price tag in Canada.

  16. @gojiguy same thing with me. ps3 games are a bit expensive. i usually wait until the game is <$30 or buy used.

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