Miss the GameCube? Then you gotta listen to this week’s episode of Infendo Radio

Join Derek and I as we dissect a changing gaming landscape, asks listeners what they do with finished games, get even more down on 3DS than we already were, and tackle our biggest mailbag in the show’s history. Oh, we also state several reasons why the GameCube was waaaaay better than N64. Enjoy the show!

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Music: “Uprising” by Muse, “Don’t bring me down” by ELO.



  1. Sorry guys I am going to have to disagree with you on the traditional controller part. I think the best controller is the dualshock, that’s why Capcom/Nintendo copied it with the Class Controller Pro.

  2. @ Mohan

    Actually the dual shock controller was based on the SNES controller.

  3. Actually, the DualShock was based on the Dual Analog, which was based on the PlayStation Controller, which was based on the SNES controller. He’s talking about dual analog sticks, which was not based on the SNES controller.

  4. Oh, right. The dual sticks was in response to the N64 controller. I think that covers it. 😉

  5. The gamecubes technology is still apart of intends present. Long live the cube!

  6. @ Derrick and Blake – don’t be ShuffleBoard H8rs all yer life. 😀