Infendo Radio: The E3 preview, first episode of summer, and broken Zelda show


Derek and I dish on E3 rumors, what to expect from the big show, upcoming games, the most unbelievable Zelda question ever, and part 7 of are famed Star Fox rant. Oh, and we also examine what’s wrong with Zelda and how to fix it (hint: it needs a gameplay update). See you on the other side, everyone!

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  1. The most important and most direly needed change to the Zelda franchise has already been made in Skyward Sword- Link is finally wearing some normal effin pants.

  2. I dont get why people are dissapppointed by Nintendo either. Wii and DS have surpassed my expectations so many times. I dare people to make a list for any other Nintendo console with more and better games than for these two systems.

    Besides the usual stuff, Mario Kart etc.
    – Donkey Kong Country
    – 3 Mario titles
    – Kirby’s Epic Yarn
    – Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Other M
    – Wiiware and Virtual Console
    – The new Mii franchises
    – Great third Party support, Boom Blox, Epic Mickey, Goldeneye, etc.

    – Professor Layton franchise
    – Training series
    – Tons of superb 3rd party games
    – 2 Zelda games
    – The best Mario Kart ever

    I personally think this has been Nintendo’s best generation. I cant see how they could possibly top it with this new generation 3DS and Project Cafe.

  3. Zelda Needs to change a lot, drastically in order for me to be interested st all in Skywad Sword. 🙁

  4. Skyward Sword will be nothing more tha a glorified Wii Sports Resort version of Zelda.

  5. I am sorry for saying this, but I want Nintendo to fail and fall on their face at E3.

  6. That might humble them a little bit, get rid of their arrogance, and get more serious about online gaming and the Nintendo fans they have turned their back on with the Wii. 🙁

  7. To be fair, we shall se what and how they show Project Cafe. It coudl be really awesome or Really Really lame. I am remaining skeptical until I see it at the conference.

  8. when I say changed a lot in Zeld aI mean this. I don’t want a prettier wii motin /wii sports resort Twilight Princess. Get three whatevers, Master Sword, get three to five whatevers, Ganon. I am tired of that.

  9. Zelda needs a gameplay update?
    I could´t believe my eyes when I read these opinions, I mean, do you all really hate the new zelda so much? Just because it makes use of the Motion Plus?:S

  10. I dunno about Zelda, guys.

    I mean, I can understand you guys needing a change after 25 years of it, but I only got into Zelda after Twilight Princess was released. I played that, loved it. Played Wind Waker, loved it. Played OoT – couldn’t finish it because it was boring.

    That said…I only have three games under my belt. I want more of that. I think an extra “action” element will be nice in Skyward Sword, but I kinda like the whole dungeon mentality. It gives me a mental break, a moment to put down the controller, every so often.

  11. E3 predictions?

    Wario ware: AR! or Depth!

    Perhaps a new wario land? Haven’t seen one of them since shake dimension.

    Pikmin 3 (naturally)

    Begging for F-Zero: 3D, imagine how trippy that’d be!

    Endless ocean cafe is a distinct possibility

    And I’m actually REALLY excited about Mario 3DS, looks like a cross between galaxy, 64 and Ye old mario. Should be awesome as I missed to more open world environments from 64 in the galaxys.

    In terms of Zelda, whether it REALLY needs a serious upgrade is open to debate, I still buy and enjoy thouraghly every Zelda game. I think perhaps they could experiment with the handheld side of things a little more, now with the added power of the 3DS they really have some room to explore.

  12. I have a few suggestions for Zelda: Fewer puzzles (which would also cut back on “find the key” a bit), open the overworld back up instead of forcing us to watch a boat or train ride, and perhaps allow warping to and from anywhere to cut down on time-wasting fetch quests.

  13. I would say for Zelda. Give it a more multiplayer online aspect. Squad based dungeon crawling would be very welcome. If not for the series, then at least the next game on cafe. Also give it a more epic LotR feel. Put more going on and more to do in the vast 3D landscapes. Lastly bring down the puzzle/combat ratio just a tad. I would say since we have the power of cafe now to give it a more realistic look. We have the 3DS and portables for the cartoony look. They should do both obviously.

  14. I can see why Nintendo doesn’t take suggestions…

    In omnibus, “We want a Zelda game with no dungeons, fewer puzzles, no needed exploration, MMO elements, and realistic style!”

    It sounds like you guys don’t want to play a Zelda game -_-;

  15. I am definitely one of the “whiners”. The wiimote has added nothing of value to any game I like, so in essence, the console traded good graphics for poorly utilized motion controls. If you like wiisports, then I can understand how this was a great console to you, but I just wanted Nintendo to come up with actually innovative uses for motion control in their greatest franchises, and introduce a couple new IPs that use it as well. None of the motion control in Mario Galaxy made me think it was a worthy trade off to having a regular Gamecube-like controller with HD graphics.

    I’m glad Nintendo is wiping the slate clean with their new console.

  16. You know what, I misspoke. I can think of one game that I realy like that benefits form the wiimote, and that is Sin and Punishment 2.

  17. For a first Zelda experience, I would recommend OoT. I played it through the emulator on the wii, and it didn’t look too poopy, haha.

    As for what’s wrong with Zelda, backtracking definitely is a problem. Some of the dungeon-ness could go, but I agree that they should stay and just be modernized, and there shouldn’t be too many. Also, Water temple must be fixed. It’s always so annoying. One of the things I like about Majoras Mask is that you can take a break from the dungeons and do a ton of little side quests in the town.

    I love the Zelda puzzles, but only when they’re actual puzzles, not just “Oh yeah, I have to move the block. Again.” As long as the puzzles are new and challenging, I like them.

    I agree that there should be something new and surprising, and I like the serious direction. I’m scared that in order to please people who are saying “Zelda is too old” they’ll make it too easy. I’m finding that games just get too easy sometimes. I like the “Nintendo hard” status that Zelda has maintained. I also don’t want Zelda to loose what makes it Zelda. I think the green tights have earned respect over the years.