Rock Band

Bustin’ makes New Game Get feel good!

[Insert lame who-you-gonna-call joke here]!  Besides Ghostbusters, there’s also the possibly rad Flower, Sun, and Rain by Suda 51.  What’s on deck for you this week?

This week’s New Game Get is Legendary!

Where do you even start with this one?  Not only does North America finally get a Starfy game, but Wii MotionPlus debuts with Tiger Woods and there’s Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, not to mention Iron Maiden DLC for Rock Band 2 and new DSiWare Mario vs. Donkey Kong.  Ugh! So much more to see after the break in our New Game Get mega list! [Now updated with even more Rock Band 2 DLC!]

New Game Get has The Touch!

Sure, there’s the cool-sounding DS game from Atlus, Knights in the Nightmare, and there’s Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for WiiWare, and I’m super-excited for Boulder Dash for Commodore 64 on Virtual Console, but the most exciting thing on the New Game Get list this week?  “The Touch” by Stan Bush is now available for free on the Guitar Hero World Tour online sto...

Get up off the couch and start walking with New Game Get

Personal Trainer: Walking for DS, Bubble Bobble and Adventure Island for WiiWare, and much more in this week’s New Game Get.  Head on in for the full list! [UPDATE: more songs added for Rock Band 2 DLC including free GLaDOS “Still Alive”!]

C.O.R.E. and Guilty Gear highlight an action-packed New Game Get

Highlights this week include portable shooter C.O.R.E. for DS, Guilty Gear for Wii, plus a whole mess of tracks for Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero … and is that a real game being released for DSiWare?  Click on in to check out all the new releases for the week!  [Now updated with a bunch of additional RB2 songs!]

Donkey Kong brings the beats to this week’s New Game Get

This week we get a couple Animal Crossing apps for the DSi while Klonoa and the Wii-make of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat arrive in stores.  Keep on reading for the full list as well as Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero DLC for this week!

Jane’s Addiction rocks this week’s New Game Get

Click on through for the megalist of DS & Wii games, as well as all manner of downloadable content.  Looking at the list, it’s a bit sad that a 21 year old Jane’s Addiction album has the most going for it.

Penny Arcade goes there

This Rock Band/Guitar Hero pissing match over who can line the pockets of as many artists as possible with dedicated stand-alone musical act titles is, admittedly, growing a little thin. I say this even as sales of World Tour for the Wii tops all other versions because, frankly, I believe the genre to be tapped, having plateaued in 2008. Regardless, Penny Arcade takes it to an entirely different l...

Rock Out – music DLC for the week of April 12th

Click on in for the list of Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour DLC for Wii this week!

Rock Out – music DLC for the week of April 5th

Click on in for the list of Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour DLC for Wii this week!