Dhani Harrison to redegisn controller, make all my Rock Band dreams come true


Something has always bothered me about guitar rhythm games: we’re spending all this time to pretend to play a guitar when we could actually be playing a guitar. I felt a little better when drums were thrown into the mix that was actually somewhat like playing the drums – but the guitar? It felt like a waste of effort. Not anymore.

Son of Beatles Guitarist George Harrison, Dhani, revealed that he’s working on “Rock Band 3,” and he’s going to redesign the controller so it actually teaches you to play a real guitar:

“I’m working on ‘Rock Band 3’ and making the controllers more real so people can actually learn how to play music while playing the game,” he says. “Give me a couple years, it’s going to happen.”

Chicago Tribune

A new controller, bound to be incompatible with previous Rock Band games?  An undoubtedly more precise and complicated gameplay system?  Sounds bold. Risky. …but it’s about time somebody changed the name of the game. Rock on, Harrison.

[via Kotaku]