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A Review: Simplicity + charm + rhythm = Rhythm Heaven Fever for Wii

At first I was surprised that Rhythm Heaven Fever didn’t include motion in its control scheme. The controls, in fact, are infinitely simple: the “A” and “B” buttons are essentially the summary of control for the entire game. Upon thinking

Rock Band 3 looks lame; is proof rhythm games missed the point

In 2007, a handful of ex-Guitar Hero developers announced a “radical new idea” in video games. I know because I was in the room at E3 when they announced it. They, Harmonix, were going to launch “an interactive music platform”

Just Dance: Can 2 million people be wrong?

Ubisoft surprised the gaming industry last month (myself included), announcing that Just Dance had sold 2 million copies worldwide in fewer than four months, making it the fastest selling third-party Wii game ever. “The consumer response to Just Dance has

Dhani Harrison to redegisn controller, make all my Rock Band dreams come true

Something has always bothered me about guitar rhythm games: we’re spending all this time to pretend to play a guitar when we could actually be playing a guitar. I felt a little better when drums were thrown into the mix

Will you pay $120 for DJ Hero? That’s what it’ll cost you.

Both Amazon and GameStop have listed DJ Hero for $120, which includes the turntable peripheral. Now I really like DJ Hero, having played it at E3 (game was dang fresh, although the guitar + DJ mode was lame). But this

First-look at DJ Hero controller to be shown at E3

It’s only a partial shot, but was uploaded to Tweetpic by an account labeled DJ Hero. I wonder where the orange and yellow buttons are?