Review: Groupies will love Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Everyone else? Not so much.

You see, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was not intended for rhythm game fans. Maybe not even music fans. It was made for die-hard Aerosmith fans.

Like all previous Guitar Hero games, the Aerosmith version is technically sound with gameplay you’ve come to expect. But unlike other games in the series, the inaugural spin-off features half the number of playable tracks (40 in all) and a lot less artist variety, obviously.

And that’s largely where Guitar Hero Aerosmith fails from a subjective standpoint. The track list just isn’t compelling enough for most gamers to warrant a full-price purchase. Sure, I enjoy playing Dream On and Pink by Aerosmith, but playing the included Joan Jet, Cheap Trick, Lenny Kravitz, and Stone Temple Pilot singles is more fun.

Sadly, even some Aerosmith fans may be left wanting more, as there are several eponymous ’90s songs (the ones with videos starring Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverston) glaringly missing from the tracklist.

That said, I like the idea behind Guitar Hero Aerosmith — an interactive Behind The Music of sorts. I just would have preferred Led Zepplin, Van Halen, or Red Hot Chili Peppers for starters.

Three stars out of four if you’re an Aerosmith junkie. Two stars for everyone else.

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