Two Stars

Infendo Review: DiRT 2 [Wii and DS]

DiRT 2 is a game that is supposed to be all about extreme off road rally racing from mud covered courses, dirt roads, and various other special stadiums set up for rally racing. It’s also supposed to be the return of awesome racing, new and improved physics, visuals and intense head-to-head game play that the first Dirt was known for. It’s list of improvements is lengthy, but does it l...

Review: Mushroom Men tastes moldy on DS

In case you missed it, check out our review of Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars for Wii before it starts to mold. I’ve always been a console guy. The DS is my first Nintendo handheld — I know, right? — and in general, I’ve always had more fun with my Wii. Stop snickering. Occasionally, standout DS software will reverse the roles, but I usually prefer gaming on a widescreen tele...

Review: Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Looking for some type of “Puzzle” game fix during the holidays? How about a game that was developed by Griptonite Games? Or maybe you are just looking for something casual with colorful graphics and nice music. Well before you actually decide to pick anything up be sure to check out my review as it may save your life.

Review: Bond loses a step, or 007, in Solace

Like James Bond himself, cookie dough is sneaky and deceptive. Sweet and gooey, it tempts an abandonment of the baking process altogether; why finish when something so delicious has already been made? Eat copious amounts, though, and reality sets in with stomach pain and a nagging thought: Why didn’t I just cook it properly? Quantum of Solace prompts similar questions. And bellyaches.

Review: Groupies will love Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Everyone else? Not so much. You see, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith was not intended for rhythm game fans. Maybe not even music fans. It was made for die-hard Aerosmith fans.

Review: Battle of the Bands

Rhythm-based video games have garnered themselves an impressive cultural buzz, a fact perhaps most clearly illustrated on Wii. Activision, for example, has had remarkable success on Nintendo’s system with its popular Guitar Hero series. Since its Oct. 2007 release, Guitar Hero III has sold 2 million copies on Wii in North America. And surprisingly, the Wii version has also become Activision&...

Review: Donkey Kong’s Barrel Blast a bust

If it has achieved anything, the recently released Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast has proven Nintendo-produced Wii software is certainly not immune from negative criticism. Dave Rudden of GamePro called Donkey Kong’s latest outing “offensive to all senses” and warned its “rancid nature…is likely to give you acid reflux.” IGN’s Mark Bozon bluntly called it a “waste of a game,” and A...