Will you pay $120 for DJ Hero? That’s what it’ll cost you.


Both Amazon and GameStop have listed DJ Hero for $120, which includes the turntable peripheral. Now I really like DJ Hero, having played it at E3 (game was dang fresh, although the guitar + DJ mode was lame). But this is getting ridiculous! In 2005, Guitar Hero with guitar cost $69. Now a $50 premium? But hey, if the market will bear it, the market will bear it. Will see if it does once DJ Hero drops Oct 27 on Wii.


  1. Hahahahaahahaahahahahaahahahaaa. Never gonna sell. Maybe.

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  3. i wouldnt pay $50 for this. I have 0 interest in this. Wheels of steel do not have the same universal appeal of the guitar.
    Small demographic, few genres, and high price. I believe thats 3 strikes.

  4. I wouldn’t pay $1.20 for it. But, since I have no interest in any music game at all (although, I did almost like Samba de Amigo) this doesn’t really mean much.
    Personally I’m hoping the whole music game phenomena will pass away some time soon (the sooner the better). But again, that’s just me.

  5. Sorry but I won’t be paying 120$ for this game, I’m enjoying my Beatmania on the PS2 which was cheaper than this and is pretty much the same game released by Konami.

  6. Honestly this hasn’t really appealed to me. It is one thing picking up a guitar and rockin out, or beating on some drums, but pretending to be a DJ… thats a little different. I really don’t see it being as much fun has guitar hero.

    I’m just curious. Is there any reason you don’t like these types of music games?

  7. If it came with the complete sound track it’d be worth the price.

  8. Depends on the songs. Got any Beastie Boys? No. It doesn’t. So I will not buy it.

  9. @bbelt

    I think all this make believe guitar star, crotch shaking “let’s play band” stuff is just as boring, tired, and overdone as anything else. Guitar Hero and Rock Band have become like the new tatoos to me. Everybody has to have one and it’s not really that special.

    Having said that, it’s a shame people are ready to shoot down this game because it’s not a fake guitar. Yes the price is too high and I won’t buy it because I am already a DJ. I would give it a go if one of my friends bought it.

  10. I have to agree with Attilio. It’s fun, if not a admittedly a bit goofy, to pretend to be a rock star. But a DJ? Not so much. There’s no rush or movement involved in playing a fake turntable like there is banging on the drums, over-playing the plastic guitars, or leaning over to hit high notes with the mic.

    And anyway, remixes of perfectly good songs are not my thing. I can’t really see the appeal of this game or the genre of music it represents, and considering buying the near-complete band set for Guitar Hero: World Tour is only about $180, that’s only a $60 dollar difference to get something everyone can play…and something only one person can play unless you shell out more money for another turntable.

    So basically, no, I won’t be getting this.

  11. @Attilio

    I guess certain games just don’t do it for certain people, and I’m one of those people that just don’t see anything fun about playing Simon Says. (sure it’s a bit shinier and spiffied up, but it really is nothing more than Simon Says).
    I also can’t see what the attraction is for the Sims games. I tried one once and I was bored to tears after only a few minutes. I like my games to take me someplace else, why would I want a game that supposedly mimics a daily routine in life?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think any less of people who enjoy music games or Sims games, but they really do absolutely nothing for me. I’m sure there are some games / genres of games that I like that would bore someone else silly as well though, so I guess it evens out.

  12. @ Brian,
    How did I get in your cross hairs? I was just speaking as a general business model, turntables have a smaller market than guitars. I realize were talking about fake instruments here, but look the markets of the real things. There are a lot more guitars sold every day compared to turntables. The number of people that either play, or want to be able to play, the guitar, greatly out numbers the amount of people that are competent on the turntables.
    The guitar is also a much more versatile instrument. So games like Guitar Hero can offer original songs from rock, country, metal, etc. I admit I dont know the set list for this game, so what is it? I’m assuming its rap, and re-mixes shoe horned to fit the peripheral. Maybe I’m wrong there, but if thats the case, thats a very niche market.
    For me personally, I play World Tour with a group of 5 other friends, and we all switch positions, talk smack, and have a good time. Its a great group game. I hardly ever play alone, I could see why some people wouldnt like it. But for a party game, its a lot of fun.

  13. I feel this game is overpriced. If I remember correctly I paid $90 for Guitar Hero 2 back in the day. I feel I should be paying that much for this game.

    The new Tony Hawk seems overpriced to me too.

  14. Pass. Much like I passed on the last three iterations of Guitar Hero.

  15. Wow heck no. I wouldn’t pay 120 cents. Looks like total garbage. And it’s not even music that you use the thing for.

  16. This game is an eyesore. Just more garbage to appeal to the scene kiddies in the market.

  17. I’m gonna buy it anyway.

  18. I suck at rhythm games…so naturally it’s a no for me. 🙂

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