First-look at DJ Hero controller to be shown at E3


It’s only a partial shot, but was uploaded to Tweetpic by an account labeled DJ Hero. I wonder where the orange and yellow buttons are?


  1. This is real?

  2. really a dj game….next there will be “marching band wii” with trumpet and sax controllers and you can not get laid at home.

  3. Here is the website:

  4. BEASTIE BOYS!!!!!!!


  5. When I heard abou this series I thought it was some kind of joke. I’m surprised more and more details on this game are being announced. I personally think Activision is milking the Guitar Hero franchise for all it’s worth with this game.

  6. Why does there have to be an orange and yellow button as well?
    Especially for a turntable? A guitar is definitely in need of 5 buttons, but a turntable? I think not.

    I am interested in seeing how this controller will operate, though.

  7. That thing has nothing in common with how a real DJ would use his decks. Obvious fake.

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