DJ Hero

DJ Hero commercials love French duo bands

[youtube][/youtube] TV sports for DJ Hero have begun circulating, and they look pretty hot. The first features a mashup of Daft Punk’s Around the World and TV Rules the Nation. The second features a versus mix of Justice and Public Enemy. Savvy Infendo readers will know that both Daft Punk and Justice are French duos with deft hands in producing big ...

Fall Heroics: Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, and DJ Hero coming in Autumn

Wake up simulated music junkies – today is your day! Activision announced their fall lineup today, dishing out details for Guitar Hero 5, DJ Hero, and the family friendly Band Hero. In a press announcement the Guitar Hero crew bragged that Guitar hero 5 and DJ Hero would “transform how consumers engage with music,” by expanding the genre with “fun-to-play” experiences...

First-look at DJ Hero controller to be shown at E3

It’s only a partial shot, but was uploaded to Tweetpic by an account labeled DJ Hero. I wonder where the orange and yellow buttons are?