Harmonix: Rock Band Wii DLC was dependent on Wii HDD

225_00031402.jpgFor Harmonix, SD cards are not enough — they wanted a Wii HDD. So, as a result of the no Wii hard drive thing, Rock Band for the Wii was gimped.

In an interview with CVG today, Rob Kay, design director at Harmonix, blamed the lack of storage space as the primary reason why Wii Rock Band owners will not be able to download extra songs via DLC. In this day and age everyone is pretty familiar with how hard drives work, I think, so I’m partially with him on that. Nintendo: either allow direct SD access in game, deliver a cheap proprietary HD (because you just know it will be proprietary if its Nintendo branded), or allow users to connect via USB one of their own.

Playing Devil’s Advocate for a moment however, this still doesn’t explain the six month delay in getting Rock Band to the Wii. It’s the same game. Nothing added. Harmonix, you can deflect and distract all you want, it still doesn’t negate the fact that you lost millions upon millions of dollars by not having a Wii version alongside the Xbox 360 and SP3 ones last year.

UPDATE: A good catch, peshue: “You can access sd in games. I think maybe you can’t download directly to the sd though, that’d explain why they couldn’t do it.” My bad on that one.

[A tardy thanks to Lino, who also sent this tip in]