U.S. Wii owners can go to the dark side for the holidays

500x_blackbundleJapan’s already been reveling in all that is black and plastic ever since Nintendo introduced a black Wii and black peripherals in that market this past August (yes, it really is September already).

Now it’s our turn!

Well, it will be, just as soon as Nintendo delivers stock in time for the holiday season. We Yanks will be on the receiving end of a black Wiimote, black cover, black Wii MotionPlus, and black nunchuck. What we won’t receive, at least not yet, is a black Wii console. No pricing info was available, but it better not be more than the cost of a traditional white Wiimote.

4 Responses to U.S. Wii owners can go to the dark side for the holidays

  1. Phil Myth says:

    That is the sex – please Nintendo, bring it to the UK too!

  2. That one guy says:

    Wonder how that black Wii-Condom would look on a White Wiimote

  3. Brian says:

    And who remebers this comment that was made in response to the “Nintendo says no black Wii for North America” post?


  4. Adam W. says:

    I’d be interested in them if they actually released a black console. Black controllers and a white console just seems…tacky.

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