Eji Aonuma speaks about Skyward Sword, talks about Motion Plus, Story, and Design


A Gamespot interview from E3 featuring Eji Aonuma, has him talking about the elements of Skyward Sword and some of the games design. It’s an interesting interview and provides more depth to Skyward sword than what most people already know about the game.

How do you guys feel about Skyward Sword and the style they decided to take with the design of the game?

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  1. Interesting! Thanks for linking to the video. I do prefer subtitles to dubbing because despite perhaps not being able to understand it, it’s nice to hear the person speak.

    That aside, I’m most interested in the background music playing during the interview. Is it.. orchestrated Zelda music?

  2. Quite frankly, I love the direction Skyward Sword is going. The story sounds good, the graphics are nice, the controls sound like they work well, and the gameplay seems like it’s going to be a bit different and unique. Even though I say this, I really want to see some more… dungeons, fields, enemies, and all the sorts cause I really want to see this become the best Zelda ever. I have little to no doubts that this may be the experience I’ve been waiting for.

    Thanks for the video guys! Oh and I almost forgot… I WANT FULLY ORCHESTRATED ZELDA!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  3. I like how they’re trying to break their traditional mold of field/dungeon/field. I like surprises, and having areas where Link loses his sword and must use his other weapons while he looks for his sword – this makes the gameplay more fun and gets you out of the “sword only” mentality.

    Art style looks beautiful. It’s a awesome compromise of TP and WW, the best of both styles. Bosses look interesting and fun to fight. The story has me curious, especially about his lost friend.

    I’m really looking forward to this game.

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