Nintendo of America changes it’s tone, Xenoblade finally officially announced for the US

Nintendo of America has been insistent that the Wii and DS will continue to see support through 2012 and beyond, even as the shadow of Wii U looms larger then ever and 3DS continues to take sales away from DS. All of this sounds great and all, but the company has said time and time again that games that are already finished and released in other English speaking territories will not be released stateside, leaving little credence to their statement of continued support. Looks like NoA has themselves realized that themselves, and have stated via their Facebook page that Xenoblade Chronicles is indeed coming to the US, and will be a Gamestop exclusive. 

Get your Lincoln’s ready folks because yes, Gamestop will be the only retailer carrying Xenoblade when it releases next April. If you have an aversion towards the reserve hocking company that is Gamestop, you can also order the game directly from the Nintendo website. For those of you like myself who have already imported the game you can take solace in knowing that the rest of the country will be given the opportunity to play the game….or be annoyed with Nintendo that they didn’t announce their plans to release the game earlier, your choice.

So show of hands, who is genuinely excited about this announcement? Who will be picking up Xenoblade come April?

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. Fuck Gamestop. I’ll buy my copy directly from Nintendo.

  2. I have no choice. I’ll be in line April at GameStop.

  3. I only buy from Gamestop if there’s some SUPER compelling reason for it. Mostly a killer preorder bonus. Not that that happens much any more. So Nintendo it is.

  4. But…90% of people who want it have it. Including myself. Now it won’t sell well, and NoA will just assume that Europe /really/ loves JRPGs, and NA really hates them.

    I mean, it’s clear what happened with the sales to anyone with common sense, but…y’know…Nintendo of America…

  5. Kinda slow to the story, no? Well I pre-ordered mine when this news came. Happy to see operation rainfall work. A big FU to all the nay sayers!

  6. @Mohan
    Yeah I have been swamped with finals and work, but I still wanted to get a story up on the site.

  7. In response to what might be doubt that Xenoblade will do well. I cannot refuse the fact that there are individuals who would love to explore it’s worlds. The simple fact that it’s like a mini-skyrim in its vastness. All on top of it borrowing the most from western style rpgs and eastern style rpgs, respectively. A killer story. All are viable enough reasons for individuals itching for an engrossing experience to purchase this title. Wii has systems sold waiting, enough said per say. However, I could be completely wrong on it’s actual success. With all this said though, I am happy of this wonderful news. Man, those reviews! 🙂

  8. I would say better late than never but I think that it’s too late and will hurt us gamers overall.
    Like others have said, I think many people who would have bought it at one time have either imported it or pirated it by now and the sales aren’t going to do as well as NoA needs them to be to give them a reason to localize future games in situations like this one was.

  9. Definitely buying the game. Hope we still get Fatal Frame 4, Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. Maybe even Captain Rainbow?

  10. I bought Xenoblade (Australia) and have to say that I wasn’t impressed. Its like FFXII so if anyone liked that, you would probably like this game but I did the same thing I did with Xenoblade that I did with FFXII. Played the first 20 minutes, hated the battle system and took out the game and never played it again. Why can’t I just have a good old fashioned proper turn based JRPG?!?. Still I’m sure there will be people over there in the US happy that it’s finally getting a release.

  11. @Eugene ah yeah it’s that time of the year, the dreaded finals! 🙂
    Either way good to see it on the site, I though you guy were ignoring it. 😉

  12. I just want Last Story… I’ve been VERY patient, Nintendo… I guess you have to be patient if you’re a Nintendo fan.

  13. Definitely picking it up.
    Too tired right now to make any excited comments.

    @The Adza
    They’re all on handhelds these days. (turn-based RPGs)

  14. I think I will order this from NOA, even though it’s not really my type of game, in the hope it will convince them to release Last Story over here. I will not be stepping inside a gamestop.

  15. this trailer looks really bad, but I guess we’ll see what happens, and if it’s a dry season I may give it a shot!

  16. Gloria in excelsis deo

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