Dragon Quest X revealed as an online RPG – what do you think?

Looks like Dragon Quest X is going to be an online RPG, possibly needing a monthly fee.

We had a lot of fans of the DS masterpiece Dragon Quest IX around here when that came out, but now I’m curious to see what you think of Dragon Quest X, coming to Wii and Wii-U.

Is this what you want?


  1. Love it. This is an MMO I could get behind. However, I’m worried that this will be released on the Wii and then a better version released on the WiiU. I’m also a bit worried that this won’t get much support in NA as compared to the Asian regions.

    I’d love to get back into MMO’s with a DragonQuest title though.

  2. Um, it’s an online game, but not a true MMO. You may want to reread the announcement and change your headline. Giving false news is never a good idea. The entire game can be played offline with CPUs like usual.

    That said, the idea of an online co-op mode is great. But again, it’s not an MMO.

  3. One more thought, I hope SE realizes that almost all new successful MMO’s are free-to-play with paid microtransactions instead of monthly fees.

  4. I love Dragon Quest, I love MMOs. I’m incredibly stoked for this Dragon Quest MMO.

  5. Euh…

    Given the DQ popularity here, they might take the MH3 route and make it f2p in America….not that that really matters if you have the funds to buy the game in the first place.

    My larger concern is the fact that using a Wii online, even forgiving friend codes, is a wreck.

    We’ll see how this does, and hope that it’s not made by the FF XIV guys.

  6. Second site to see and read about this news. Second time I’ve been surprised and disappointed by the reaction to this game.

    Firstly, in the release, it was mentioned that price was being considered but nothing (including charging at all) was a forgone conclusion at this point. I feel like mentioning it the way you guys chose to is just trying to incite panic, hatred, disgust, or all of the above.

    Secondly, XCWarrior already pointed out the sensationalism that is your headline (and article) compared to the reality. Also, I think Monkat has it right with this game being more like MH3, but I think it will be more than just in the pricing. It will have a complete (and probably massive) offline game with vast amounts of additional or different content for online, cooperative play.

    Lastly, and the part about the other site’s reaction and your complete ignoring of the topic, that surprised me was that everyone seemed to be glossing over the multiple platform use and connectivity. You mentioned (barely) that the game is coming to Wii and Wii U, but you didn’t mention the part where they said they plan and want the game to be startable on either system and juggled or continued back and forth across either system. In addition to this, they want to be able to transfer data to the 3DS to tie-in some (probably cool) Street Pass connectivity and options! This is great news! To see someone who isn’t Nintendo using features and connectivity to reward people (like myself) who happen to have lots of systems.

    So yeah, you guys go and just be surprised or disappointed by the “Dragon Quest X is going to be an MMO. Oh noes…….” I can’t wait!

  7. Risn –

    If you want some sensationalism, I could’ve actually gone that route with a post/headline that states “Dragon Quest X? More like World of Dragon Quest!” and then bashed something I haven’t played. But I didn’t do that. I asked what you guys thought about the game.

    And I’ll say that I did what XCWarrior recommended and changed my subject – my bad! So many sources of poorly translated Japanese news sites out there led to my confusion.

    Personally, I’m not sure what I’ll think of this game. One of the things that really appealed to me about DQ9 and the recent remakes they’ve put out is the portability angle. It’s gonna be hard to only play this game sitting in my living room or within however many feet away a Wii-U will let you take its touch-screen controller.

  8. I can’t wait for this one. If this makes the Wii U launch, you can count on Wii U selling a million consoles in week one even if the Wii version releases first…in my opinion anyhow.

  9. I’m looking forward to this one, too.

    On a side note, I’m suddenly thinking about what an awesome, system-selling killer app WoW on 3DS would be. Boomstick time!

  10. No problem with it wince I can play offline as well. MH3 didn’t have a fee over herr so the same could happen with DQ X.

  11. Neutral. On the one hand, some of the elements new to this game seem pretty interesting, like being able to play the game with people using different systems. That’s not been done a whole lot as of now. The fact it can also be played offline is cool as well.

    But the monthly fee is ridiculous, and some of the things they’re boasting about are by no means ‘new’. I have a bad feeling that if this goes wrong, it could possibly sink the series, especially as its not a spinoff.

  12. @Richard

    Check out the Heroes of Ruin gameplay trailer. Take Diablo gameplay, mix in some WoW aesthetics and group play, and co-design/developed/created by Sqenix, and there you go. Due out in March and WILL be a blockbuster (you can count on it).


  13. I love DQ VIII on the PS2, but I played way more of DQ IX. DQ X looks like VIII and IX merged, so I am game as far as I know. 😀

  14. I hate subscription-based games, so no for me.


  15. Im really excited for this. Please be a Wii U launch title. I’m not a big online gamer however on other game sites news about this title it’s stated that there is a massive offline story quest so everyone wins. Want to extend the life of the game? Go online with it. No DQ game has let me down yet.

  16. I love me some Dragon Quest and as long as I can play it offline only (I have use for online gaming) I will pick it up. From reading the comments, it sounds like a Monster Hunter style of online gaming and I would be ok with that.

    Making it online only will result in me not buying it. Hopefully this is the Wii’s last hurrah! A great way to go out with a bang! 🙂

  17. @king_salomon: You CAN play offline only with bots filling out your party so there’s no problem there!

  18. Agreed.. I just hope that the bots don’t cripple the game. I guess we will wait and see.

  19. Still a long time before this releases in Japan so a lot can change. Want to know price for the game+USB bundle, price for DLC and price for monthly fee. CAPCOM did great by us over here by not charging for online on MH Tri but since this is Square Enix and they love and NEED money…

  20. I think it’s a fantastic news for Nintendo.

    The puts the PS4 is Japan already out of the picture for the Next Gen crown in Japan.

    Besides, that shows Nintendo is really serious about online for the Wii U.