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Skyward Sword is “deepest Zelda yet” – what does that mean to you?

In a recent promotional email (seen above), Nintendo claims that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is the deepest Zelda yet. To me, depth would mean an engrossing story with characters you care about and a game world that feels

Dragon Quest X revealed as an online RPG – what do you think?

Looks like Dragon Quest X is going to be an online RPG, possibly needing a monthly fee. We had a lot of fans of the DS masterpiece Dragon Quest IX around here when that came out, but now I’m curious

Dragon Quest VI is coming to DS in February 2011

Dragon Quest VI will be available for the first time in North America for DS on Valentine’s Day 2011. The game is a re-worked version of the Super Famicom game, originally released in 1995 in Japan. It’ll be interesting to see

Dragon Quest IX hat made me cry a little

This Dragon Quest IX hat inexplicably showed up in my mailbox today with no sender or return address. The only clue I have is Minneapolis zip code. Thank you, mysterious benefactor! Your surprise gift choked me up a little bit.

Dragon Quest IX Tag Mode Event

Looking to connect with players and experience wondrous new maps and items? Then head over to one of the Dragon Quest IX tag mode events schedules all over the place in the next few days. Remember tag mode allows you

Dragon Quest IX ruins my summer, releases on July 11th

Nintendo is very determined to make me spend my summer playing games.  Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out this weekend and now we get word from Nintendo that the long awaited Dragon Quest IX will be released on July 11th.