Dragon Quest IX hat made me cry a little


This Dragon Quest IX hat inexplicably showed up in my mailbox today with no sender or return address. The only clue I have is Minneapolis zip code.

Thank you, mysterious benefactor! Your surprise gift choked me up a little bit.

[Click past the break for the beautiful logo on the back of the hat.]


  1. Woah, that’s so awesome!! If it happened to me I would cry a little, too… 🙂

  2. That’s pretty cool, I just got done playing that game for a hour or so. It’s a lot of fun, especially since I found out how to add members to me party. 😉

  3. I got one today, same deal. No return address, nothing, just a Minneapolis postmark.

  4. seems the hat was a Best Buy Rewards Zone special thingy…

    I got a call today from my parents… said hat arrived at their place… (though i really don’t remember where I purchased DQ9 and my strat guide from… maybe i did purchase from BestBuy)

    …and… seems BestBuy has a corp office in Minneapolis

  5. So maybe since I bought it at Best Buy and happened to remember to tell them about my Reward Zone account, I got a free hat? Nice.

  6. Same here… just a plain brown box with no return address and a hat inside.

  7. Wow, just got mine in the mail today too! How often do you get cool free stuff without knowing about it? Never! Best Buy just moved up a notch in my books.

  8. I got mine today too. Lack of any markings on the package kind of made me wonder.

  9. I just received the same hat under the same mysterious circumstances. No return address, no fee, no clue as to why. I see some people saying it has something to do with Best Buy. I did buy my game and guide at Best Buy, and I used my Rewards Zone Silver Membership when I did it, but I don’t remember if I filled out the customer satisfaction survey on that purchase. Hey, as long as the hat doesn’t try to take over my mind or kill me, I’m happy with it!

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