Wii-exclusive Dragon Quest 10 announced in Japan


During a joint press event in Japan Wednesday, Nintendo and Square Enix surprised that country and perhaps the world with yet another coup for the wildly successful Wii. In this case, the popular RPG factory and the number one gaming company in the world announced that Dragon Quest 10 would be coming exclusively to the Wii.

The move is both surprising and unsurprising at the same time, given the fact Square Enix already announced that Dragon Quest 9 would be a Nintendo DS exclusive earlier this year. Nevertheless, for RPG fans in Japan, the news is huge. No additional details were given about the Wii title. Executives from Square Enix did confirm, however, that Dragon Quest 9 would arrive in Japan on March 28 for about $64 (Note: Game prices are traditionally higher in Japan than in the States).

Video game and hardware sales have cooled in Japan as of late, even for Nintendo’s industry leading one-two punch in the Wii and DS. The Dragon Quest news will undoubtedly remedy that downward trend in March, as well as whenever DQ10 arrives, as has traditionally been the case with Dragon Quest launches.


  1. This is huge.

  2. I was up all night discussing this on forums. Another big victory for the Wii indeed.

  3. wow, you want to go to my party pants? pants party? I got a party in my pants and I am inviting you. I got a party in my pants and you are invited.

  4. Where are the naysayers in this comment?

    Where are those hardcores who would deny Nintendo now?

  5. @Jeff,
    They’re on Kotaku and other similar sites.

    I think it’s funny. The hardcore are a real laugh-a-minute bunch. They bitch and whine incessantly that the Wii sucks because there are no “gamer” games, no hardcore games for them and it “collects dust” because there’s nothing to play on it

    THEN when the Wii gets a game like this, worthy of their attention, begging them to dust off their Wii, they bitch and whine incessantly that games like that should only be on the PS3/360.

  6. @ Used Cisco

    you said it perfectly, that’s exactly what happens o.o
    its quite annoying.

  7. OK Square-Enix(Squeenix?) here’s how to not drop the ball. This is not an accelerometer appropriate game. This is an RPG. Make the whole thing play with just the remote.

    1. On the world map your character follows the cursor like link follows the stylus in Phantom Hourglass. Hold a and the party moves toward the pointer.

    2. Battle, you click on an enemy or ally and a context sensitive menu pops up showing your options. You select with A cancel with B.

    3. Accessing party menu/inventory management is any of the other buttons on the remote.

    There a game that does not use motion unnecessarily, requires no peripheral, takes advantage of the hardware and the controls take a two minute explanation. Who do I email this to?

  8. @Hunter,

    You need to mail that to the devs who made the Wii version of Fire Emblem. Those are the exact controls they should have used.

  9. Here’s how we make sure this is a fantasic addition to the Wii library.

    Classic controller/wavebird.


  10. DannyBoy, why do you need a classic or wavebird? A JRPG takes three buttons confirm cancel and menu. See my above post, I think those controllers are appropriate for fighters, but RPGs can easily be done without even a nunchuck.

    Use the default hardware whenever possible and don’t add price barriers to entry.

  11. But what about Phantom Brave Wii you freaks?! Now how is Nippon Ichi going to make money now?


    Oddmakers on style of Dragon Quest X game:

    2:1 odds on Dragon Quest VII PS one style
    4:1 odds on Dragon Quest IX DS style
    6:1 odds on Dragon Quest IV NES style
    10:1 odds on Dragon Quest VIII PS2 style
    20:1 odds on Dragon Quest VI SNES style
    1000:1 odds it will be that silly MMORPG that people were hinting this game would be.

  12. I have yet to finish Dragon Quest VIII. Hell, I have yet to get Dragon Quest IV. Now I already got two more DQ titles on the way.

  13. The date is set, it’ll be released in August in Japan!!

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