Kingdom Hearts 3D may be coming sooner than we originally thought

Being a North American gamer was once such a hassle. Before western game developers became so prominent in the console space, most of the games available on home consoles came from Japanese development houses which ment long delays between a Japanese and a Western game release. Just look at Final Fantasy VII. The Japan to North American release window was a good 8 months, and that’s for one of the most revered RPGs of all time. Kingdom Hearts 3D is looking to follow a similar timetable, but at least we have a general idea about when the game will be released…sort of.

Siliconera has reported that the English voice recording for Kingdom Hearts 3D is well underway. According to the site, some voice actors have already finished recording their lines, which bodes will for a 2012 release for the game. KHInsider has reported that Vincent Corazza, who plays the voice role of Zexion/Ienzo, is all done with his recording for the game. Seeing as how the game launches in about a month in Japan (March 29), this is very good news for those optimistic about the game.

While Dream, Drop, Distance isn’t exactly Kingdom Hearts 3, I am super excited about the game, especially since I have just recently completed Kingdom Hearts 2 and loved it. here’s hoping that the game sticks to the Kingdom Hearts formula and is able to capture the magic of the original. Honestly though, as long as the game has Sora and contains Disney characters, I know it will be a day one purchase for me. The only question is, when will day one be?

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