Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is hard to say, looks to bring the rhythm to 3DS

Square has released the first in-game footage of their 3DS rhythm title based in the Final Fantasy universe, and I must say, it has gotten my attention. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (how the heck do you pronounce that anyhow) is being developed by Retro Game Challenge developer Indies Zero, and looks to be a a fun diversion from your normal JRPG style Final Fantasy gameplay.

No timetable has been given for Theatrhythm (nope, wasn’t any easier the second time), but expect to hear more about the title when Tokyo Game Show kicks off later this week.

5 Responses to Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is hard to say, looks to bring the rhythm to 3DS

  1. deepthought says:

    hm. this looks like exactly my problem when going through the DS catalogue. everything stars a bunch of cartoony kids. i wanted a mass effect style adventure recently. nothing on the DS has that spirit. it def makes me realize its a console directed at kids.

    anyone remember how badass the art associated with the original final fantasy and dragon warrior was? i mean, the simon’s quest nintendo power cover gave kids nightmares! now that they can create such an atmosphere… we get this.

    meh. i liked the 90s’ promise of horrible villains and desperate battles. somewhere that seems to have been forgotten.

    i know it’s easy to dump on the other consoles for lack of color or whatever, but right now just feel like an epic that looks geared to an adult. and the DS catalogue just doesn’t deliver for me.

    when i was a kid, i imagined that the sprites were representing a world as dark and scary as the pics in the magazines ( (

    but now final fantasy stars tween girls in hot pants. i def feel like my childhood vision/hope of game storytelling has been abandoned on nintendo platforms.

    still looking forward to playing chrono trigger DS though!

  2. Richard says:

    I’m really looking forward to this one: it looks like a big dose of weird, crazy fun! My tastes run the opposite of Deepthought’s: I like cartoony games, as long as they play well. Would be nice to see a “serious” FF on 3DS someday, though!

  3. Skotski says:

    Don’t worry, it’s not aimed towards your audience.
    And these games that have “cartoony kids” (at least those made from Japan) are hardly for children. They’re for all ages that like cute-styled characters.

    While I’d love to recommend you some titles, my mind is currently blank and refuses to work.

  4. The Adza says:

    Hope this releases outside of Japan. God knows the 3DS needs some games. I love these types of cute quirky games.

  5. InvisibleMan says:

    It looks and sounds ADORABLE!

    This might be the one that makes me buy the 3DS yet…

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