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Tuesday Time Warp: Top 10 SNES RPGs

While every system has had its own unique role-playing games, no system has had a deeper, more brilliant selection than the Super Nintendo. Not only did the SNES boast one of, if not the, biggest selection of RPGs, it also

Bravely Default’s success could help return Final Fantasy to it’s roots

With over 1 million copies sold worldwide, over 600,000 outside of Japan, Bravely Default’s success may have slapped some sense into the people at Square Enix. The company well known for some of the greatest RPGs of the SNES era,

Official Release: Final Reverie, Inspired by Early Final Fantasy Games

Since the first installment of Final Fantasy was released, I was hooked on the adventure, trials, and tribulations that the characters experienced upon their journeys.  As a writer, I tend to focus on horror as a genre, but I always

Nintendo UK Courageously Releases New Bravely Default Trailer

  Feast your eyes on this brand-new Bravely Default trailer courtesy of Nintendo UK. The trailer features new game play footage and shows off the 3DS title’s collector’s edition. If you didn’t know — Bravely Default is a spiritual successor

Bravery Default: Flying Fairy Collector’s Pack Announced

Whenever I see a new installment in the Final Fantasy Universe, the hair on the back of my neck stands up.  I am a huge RPG/JRPG fan, but over the years I have become very picky when choosing an RPG

SQUARE ENIX Announces Distant Worlds To Perform Official 25th Anniversary Concert in North America

Final Fantasy has been an integral part of the Nintendo catalog for many years.  As the sequels were released, we were introduced to vast worlds, heart touching story lines, believable characters, and soul tickling compositions.  If you browse a Final