Bravery Default: Flying Fairy Collector’s Pack Announced

Bravery Default: Flying Fairy Collector’s Pack Announced

Whenever I see a new installment in the Final Fantasy Universe, the hair on the back of my neck stands up.  I am a huge RPG/JRPG fan, but over the years I have become very picky when choosing an RPG to play.  I always choose the Final Fantasy games because they never let me down.

I guess my age has caused me to become a bit picky when it comes to new games.  Maybe I have matured (yeah right), or maybe I have just come to expect more form what the developers give me.  I can say that the “new” generation of MMORPGs have done absolutely nothing for me.  I guess I am just to busy to devote my time to a never-ending game.  Another issue I have is that despite all the time I spend on the game could be swept away by a closure of the servers (Cough*Metal Gear Online*Cough).

However, one game has really caught my eye.  Bravery Default: Flying Fairy has caught my attention since I first saw the trailer below.  Currently, it is only scheduled to release in Japan, however it was announced that other regions will have the chance to play the game.

If/when it arrives in North America, I will be the first in line to purchase the collector’s pack, pictured above.  Square Enix has really gone all out with this one.  The collector’s pack will include the 3DS game cartridge, the original soundtrack, an art album, an original protective case for your 3DS, and a life size AR poster!

Have you seen the trailer, what are your thoughts?










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