What is that one game you want on the 3DS?


With talks of multiple ports and remakes abound; the 3DS seems to be getting quite a long list of games even before it has been released. on the Nintendo 3DS. So this got me wondering… What would be the one game you would like to see be ported or remade on the system?

There is probably a plethora of good titles you guys would like to see. So let us know your dream game! As for mine, it’d be Final Fantasy VII.

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  1. Wind Waker. Not much else I can say, other than I’d love to take my favorite game of all time with me wherever I go.

    In before “Why do ports and remakes when you could make newer games instead?” *Grumble grumble*

  2. Id like to see The World Ends With You remade with the different layers that the anime art style had to pop more with the 3D effects.

    Its still interesting to see what they can do with the 3D effects on this platform and others as well.

  3. FFVII would be great to see Sony fanboys heads explode.

    They already did it with Metal Gear, but this would be the icing on the cake.

  4. EarthBound, so much. Imagine the battle scenes in 3D, especially stuff like Mu training and the Giygas battle. It could even look like, when PSI/PK is used, it’s moving towards or away from the player, depending on who used it. Unfortunately, it’s probably even less likely than an FF7 remake. :[

  5. 3D world runner.

  6. I would like to see a handheld Super Smash Brothers. So a port of the original would be pretty cool.

  7. Not really any ports that nintendo hasnt included. Im pleased with the lineup. Although, id love to see some kind of GTA even tho im not a big fan. GTA would make nintendo have a more mature image than kitty. I dont think nintendo is kitty but a lot of stupid gamers out there do.

  8. The only games that come to mind our Paper Mario: TTYD, Opoona, and a reimagined Spectrobes( although thats not really a port)( Love the idea, hate the gameplay).
    A Smash Bros. port would be cool, but it would take away ( in my opinion) the simple co-op and multi-player.

  9. Ocarina of Time. I have been waiting over 10 years for a portable version, and I am dying with anticipation for the 3DS version.

  10. Tales of Destiny 1 & 2, Suikoden 2, Golden Eye (I know there’s one for the Wii coming out, but a 3Ds version would be an awesome compliment), Tenchu Z (I know I’m one of the few that actually liked that one), Okamiden (See the adorable beauty in 3D), and Monster Rancher 2 (the most complex of all the Monster Rancher games).

    And I’d love to see a 3D version of Chrono Trigger (no, not Chrono Cross, and not the fan remake either). And while we’re at it: Power Stone. Hecks yes.

  11. Earthbound it is my favorite game of all time and it needs to have a remake.

  12. Marvel Vs. Capcome 2! 😀

  13. Never played Earthbound, but I totally agree they should remake it for 3DS.

  14. I think Final Fantasy VII and The World Ends with You sound like 2 great remakes.

  15. I personally would egg for a 3D Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Those games were awesome!!! (But otherwise, I would actually prefer to see a port of MechWarrior 4 (PC), as those were some good action games!

  16. naruto…i don’t think that could entirely be called a port…but it would be sweet to fight like the characters

    the world ends with you would also be sweet…even if that doesn’t really count as a port…

    ffvii would be so amazing in 3d

  17. sonic adventure 2!!!
    i would love to take care of chaos again lol.

  18. I’d like to see some remakes of games that REALLY need remakes. Games like Metroid II, MOTHER, the first Star Fox game, etc. Of course, an FFVII game would certainly be nice too, just as long as the character designs don’t resemble the re-design of Cloud you’ve got there! ^_^ Indeed, though I’ve never played FFVII, I find the character designs to be hilarious- they don’t have any hands, they just have STUBS!!!! ^_^

  19. OoT, and maybe Wind Waker. Because I’d like a total 3D polygonal Zelda for portable. But really, I don’t support any of these remakes. Though I’d accept FF7, because everyone is dying for it to happen, and having it portable might finally allow me to finish it.

    But despite how I love the games being mentioned, like Smash Bros, Earthbound, the Chrono games, and TWEWY (my favorite ds game), I don’t want them remade. Anyhow, TWEWY is only 2 years old!

    I’d rather have sequels to all of them. A port of Earthbound and a sequel, a new Smash Bros game, and especcially a continuation of TWEWY.

    But remakes aren’t what I really want. I certainly wouldn’t turn down an Earthbound remake if it was there, but a sequel would be so much better.

  20. FF7 is a great idea. How about porting over a revamped version of one of the monster hunters from psp. Support 10p online coop.

  21. I would love to see Eternal Darkness return. The sanity effects could be totally revamped just for the 3DS (changing your 3D setting up and down, swapping screens on you, etc).

  22. The World Ends With You, Disgaea, and i think thats it from me.

    The GameCube was really underappreciated, I found it amazingly fun, yah graphics suck, and it was dominated by kids games… But the good games on it were amazing!

    Also Mario Kart Double Dash, it should definately get remade… On the DS(platforms) it would be easy to get Multi-Player, (Plus Online), and up to 8 players (theoretically, 2 on each of the 4 carts)… Plus explosions in 3D!!!!

  24. @NekoKnight
    I think that redesign of the Cloud looks awesome, keeping the original look but bringing the graphics into the new age.

    But moving on…..

    I would love to see a remake (not so much a port) of Road Rash 3D. Also, I want another FFT game: more like the original than the Advance series with all the silly races and race restrictions.

  25. I’d love to see Super Mario Sunshine ported.

  26. The one game I do NOT want ported is Final Fantasy VII.

  27. Tetris.

    Instead of just rotating the blocks on 2 dimensions, you could now add the third. Call it Tetris Wall.

  28. F-Zero

  29. Luigi’s Mansion!

  30. Another vote for Super Mario Sunshine. They had 64 on the DS, so Sunshine should be on the 3DS.

    I’d still like it more on the Wii with pointer controls and the same kind of co-op as SMG2 has, but I’d love to see some of the Mario series’ most beautiful, visually dense environments in 3D.

  31. Super Metroid 3D.

  32. Pikmin!

  33. My dream game has already come true. Starfox 64!!!

  34. Xenogears, Secret of Mana, Link to the Past!

  35. The 3DS could really benefit from a new Paper Mario game… and a good one, not a ridiculously easy one like Super Paper Mario.

    Not really interested in remakes. I only made an exception for the Yoshi’s Island remake on GBA, and that was only because they included six brand new levels. If they’re going to remake a game, it better have infinitely improved visuals, new content, and plenty more extras to justify the re-purchase.

  36. Yoshi’s Island would be awesome, especially Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy.

  37. #1 Mother remake
    #2 Mother 3 remake
    #3 Mother 4
    #4 Mother 5
    #5 Mother 6

  38. Maybe some gamecube game remakes like Mario Sunshine!

  39. conkers bad fur day(remember you said “dream” game)

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