Square says Chrono Trigger isn’t popular, tells fans to buy more copies


Over 3 million in cross platform worldwide sales just isn’t enough for Square Enix, it seems.  Square Enix senior vice president Shinji Hashimoto told RPGsite that according to sales numbers, Chrono Trigger just isn’t well loved enough to deserve another sequel.

“Why does everyone ask about Chrono Trigger?” he laughed. We told him it’s a very loved series. “That’s not what the sales tell me!” he responded.

“If people want a sequel, they should buy more!”

Fans of the game have already bought this game multiple times across three platforms, and although the classic RPG and it’s sequel may never have reached Final Fantasy 7 levels in sales, it’s well loved. Fans want a sequel so bad, they made their own – only to have Square Enix shut it down.  Want your sequel? Go buy multiple copies of Chrono Trigger DS and pray.