Nintendo UK Courageously Releases New Bravely Default Trailer


Feast your eyes on this brand-new Bravely Default trailer courtesy of Nintendo UK. The trailer features new game play footage and shows off the 3DS title’s collector’s edition. If you didn’t know — Bravely Default is a spiritual successor to the Nintendo DS title, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. You can definitely see the homage in this latest game. Let’s go through the checklist, shall we? Magic? Check. Airships? Check. Crystals? Yes, siree. And let’s not forget the abundance of young heroes and heroines, too. Bravely Default releases December 6 in Europe and Q1 2014 in North America.





2 Responses to Nintendo UK Courageously Releases New Bravely Default Trailer

  1. Holly says:

    An abundance of mostly heroines, it would seem. And is it just me, or does the voice saying the first line in the trailer sound a lot like Ali Hillis, who voiced Palutena in Kid Icarus: Uprising?

    Game looks great! Wish the US was getting this in December too…dang.

  2. Rakim Reid says:

    @Holly : I, too, wish it released in the US a bit sooner. Oh well. 2014, it is!

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