Dream Drop Distance

New Colors for the DSi

Do you refuse to upgrade to the 3DS?  Is the DSi still your favorite handheld?  This week, Nintendo is releasing two new colors for the DSi in North America.  The new red and blue handhelds have a matte finish. The new colors are arriving after the 3DS has been out for over a year, will you consider purchasing one? On a vaguely similar note, I found this video and had to share it.  As annoying as ...

Square Enix Releases English Dubbed Dream Drop Distance Trailer

fans of the game…I apologize in advance for the Nerdgazm! http://na.square-enix.com/kh3d/

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance July 31st Launch

Square Enix has officially announced today that Dream Drop Distance will be released in North America on July 31st, 2012!  What does this mean for the die hard fans?  It means that we only need to dodge the spoilers for another 3 months and 3 weeks (APPROX.)! See below for the official press release from Square Enix:

New Dream Drop Distance Screenshots Released!

Square has announced, today, that new  screenshots featuring a sneak peek of the brand-new world, “The Grid” from TRON: Legacy for KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance are now available! Personally, I have mixed feelings about The Grid.  I was not a fan of Tron in KH2, so I hope it gets some improvements.  The realistic worlds such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tron just seem a bit out of pla...

Kingdom Hearts 3D may be coming sooner than we originally thought

Being a North American gamer was once such a hassle. Before western game developers became so prominent in the console space, most of the games available on home consoles came from Japanese development houses which ment long delays between a Japanese and a Western game release. Just look at Final Fantasy VII. The Japan to North American release window was a good 8 months, and that’s for one of the...

Here you go, have a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D

Call me crazy, but I love me some JRPGs. If given the choice, I prefer to play them from the comfort of my own bed on my handheld of choice. That’s why Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is so appealing to me, even though I am a little late to the whole Kingdom Hearts bandwagon. I have never experienced the PS2 originals, with my only time spent with the franchise being on my trusty AGS-101 ...

Here you go, have a new Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance video!

I have absolutely no idea what Sora and Co. are saying in this trailer, but I can just imagine would it would be like in 3D! In all seriousness, it is about time a proper Kingdom Hearts title is arrives on a Nintendo console, and with the 3DS, it looks like there will be some interesting things going on. For one, it looks like the game will be implementing AR of some sort which is always a good th...

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