New Dream Drop Distance Screenshots Released!

Square has announced, today, that new  screenshots featuring a sneak peek of the brand-new world, “The Grid” from TRON: Legacy for KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance are now available!

Personally, I have mixed feelings about The Grid.  I was not a fan of Tron in KH2, so I hope it gets some improvements.  The realistic worlds such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tron just seem a bit out of place to me.  It would eb cool, though, if they made Donald, Goofy, and of course, Sora more realistic to match the world better.  To see Sora with normal sized feet and head, along with a normal a real dog look Goofy and The Aflac duck version of Donald would be pretty funny and weird at the same time.

Anybody that knows me knows that I am a sucker for Old School Gaming, JRPG’s, Final Fantasy, and of Course Kingdom Hearts!!!  I am very excited to get my hands on this game!


2 Responses to New Dream Drop Distance Screenshots Released!

  1. Tanner says:

    From what it seems is that the Tron world in KH2 is not the same as the grid. However Sora tells Tron to try and remember in the trailer. Will be interesting to see how close they stick with the movie.

  2. monkat says:

    This game looks so good. I’m not even a huge fan of the movie-world aspects of Kingdom Hearts, and the game still appeals to me at a massive level.

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