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New Dream Drop Distance Screenshots Released!

Square has announced, today, that new  screenshots featuring a sneak peek of the brand-new world, “The Grid” from TRON: Legacy for KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance are now available! Personally, I have mixed feelings about The Grid.  I was not a fan of Tron in KH2, so I hope it gets some improvements.  The realistic worlds such as Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tron just seem a bit out of pla...

Steamboat Mario

Oh, Mario. Epic Mickey looks like it will be pretty good, but it won’t be that good. You don’t have to dress up like someone you’re not. Don’t feel threatened. Everything will be fine. Feel content knowing a third party’s game could be one of the highlights of the holiday season on a system you helped make strong.

Epic Mickey rumors intensify, become less rumor-like

The unconfirmed Epic Mickey Wii exclusive we told you about last week is getting more real with each passing day. Earlier, we saw some concept art from Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios that depicted classic Disney characters in a distinctly steampunk, definitely eerie setting. Now we have some more.