Epic Mickey rumors intensify, become less rumor-like

funkey_098_400The unconfirmed Epic Mickey Wii exclusive we told you about last week is getting more real with each passing day. Earlier, we saw some concept art from Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios that depicted classic Disney characters in a distinctly steampunk, definitely eerie setting.

Now we have some more.

The game, rumored to be a platformer, will feature Okami-like drawing and level manipulation. Said an anonymous source to OMGNintendo, “This ‘painting your way’ involves you drawing, etching and erasing whole or parts of levels as you go.”

And, better still, we’re also getting a glimpse at the conflict that will live at the heart of this incredibly intriguing title:

“We’ve also been told that it’ll be based around very old and/or forgotten Disney characters who are out to get their revenge on Mickey,” according to the site, “presumably because they’re jealous of all his fame and fortune.”

This title sounds like an absolute trip. Platformer and Okami set in a freaky steampunk land? Count me in, and this is coming from a guy who hasn’t played a Disney title since Mickey Mousecapade.