How Would You Like that Cooked?: Super Meat Boy (Switch) Review

By Steve Peacock Meat Boy, one of the original faces of Indie games, makes his debut on Nintendo Switch. Super Meat Boy, is a tough-as-nails platformer that tasks you with saving the love of Meat Boy’s life, Bandage Girl, from the Evil Dr. Fetus. The mechanics are simple. Run to get to the goal (Bandage Girl) as quickly as possible. Jump from platform to platform to avoid certain death. And ...

How Would You Like that Cooked?: Super Meat Boy (Switch) Review

For only $15ish, Super Meat Boy on Switch is an absolute steal. It even adds a Switch exclusive two player mode that can be played with the joy-con split set up. At the time of writing, I have not had the chance to play that mode. There are also some extra challenges. I do not know for sure if they are also exclusive to Switch, buy they are there. This is definitely a game you should not miss.

Metroid-inspired platformer coming to the Wii U

[youtube][/youtube] One of the many things that’s sorely missing from the Wii U library is a return of a one Samus Aran. Luckily though, Varia Games is up to the task as we wait for the next installment in the Metroid franchise. ReVen, a sci-fi platform shooter created by Austin Morgan and John Rogeles is now currently planned for release on the Wii...

25 years and still no great Goonies game

Forget Lara Croft. Forget Indiana Jones. You want an adventure game that’ll sell millions? The Goonies. Seriously. Love it or hate it, that Spielberg/Donner film has gained popularity like no other 80’s film except maybe Ferris Bueller (and Bueller would make a lousy game). Despite The Goonies’ many, many”¦many flaws, it’s got the perfect scenario for a fantastic adventure-...

Epic Mickey rumors intensify, become less rumor-like

The unconfirmed Epic Mickey Wii exclusive we told you about last week is getting more real with each passing day. Earlier, we saw some concept art from Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios that depicted classic Disney characters in a distinctly steampunk, definitely eerie setting. Now we have some more.