Metroid-inspired platformer coming to the Wii U

One of the many things that’s sorely missing from the Wii U library is a return of a one Samus Aran. Luckily though, Varia Games is up to the task as we wait for the next installment in the Metroid franchise. ReVen, a sci-fi platform shooter created by Austin Morgan and John Rogeles is now currently planned for release on the Wii U and PC sometime next year. Much like Metroid, ReVen has players exploring underground areas on a mysterious planet (ReVen’s world has you exploring the planet XR-Keres) and collecting upgrades to traverse sections that were once unreachable. The title’s main character, named SyRek, is one of the last remaining of his robot race and will have you in control of various upgrades used to adapt to your enemies and the environment.

You can read more about Varia Games’ ReVen here. Until then, will this tide you over until a true a Metroid is finally released? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Lord Lemmy says:

    “Varia Games”? Yeah, more than just the game is inspired by Metroid. lol

  2. MikeIsaPoet says:

    Haha I was chuckling about Varia Games. This sounds cool, hope to see it do decent enough to get word passed around outside of the Nintendo circle that we are.

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