Epic New Project to be Revealed on March 27th

Warren Spector and Disney France have sent out invitations for a March 27th announcement of an “EPIC PROJECT”.   Rumors state that the announcement will reveal Epic Mickey 2, however other rumors hint that Epic Ducktales could be announced.

I have not played Epic Mickey yet, but it is definitely on my list.  As most of you know, I am a Kingdom Hearts Fanboy and have come to love the slightly mysterious and edgy Mickey in the series.  I think that is why I have not picked up my copy of Epic Mickey yet, I am afraid I will be disappointed that Mickey will not live up to my current expectations of him.

The rumor of an Epic Ducktales is also very exciting!  I was a devout fan of the series, and loved the original NES game.  Throw a little Darkwing duck in there, and I will be in Heaven!

The rumors of Epic Mickey 2 started spreading in January.  Other rumors include a split screen 2 player mode as well as availability on Xbox 360, PlaySatation 3 and Wii.  regardless of the announcement, I have a renewed urge to play Epic Mickey.  what is your review on the original Epic Mickey, and are you excited about a sequel?  And if Epic Ducktales is not announced, who is with me to start a petition to get it in development!?


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  1. True story, I read EPIC DUCKTALES and my phone went off (the NES Ducktales theme is my ringtone), and this has made my day at 11AM.

  2. Epic Mickey is a spectacular-looking game full of great concepts, a great story, and great cut scenes. The gameplay itself is very uneven: moments of brilliance alternate with repetitive chores (you spend a lot of time fixing machines) and way too many fetch quests. Oh–and a camera system that seems to be actively trying to kill you. The final boss battle sequence is superb. All in all, worth playing for the visuals and story. BTW, you can pick up a pretty good graphic novel of Epic Mickey on the App Store, and the soundtrack on iTunes.

    I’d buy Epic Mickey 2…and if it does turn out to be a Ducktales game, I’ll pre-order it the day it’s announced!

  3. I had a lot of fun with Epic Mickey. Pre-ordered the CE.

  4. I haven’t tried Epic Mickey yet, but I would love Epic Ducktales, Epic Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Epic Darkwing Duck!

  5. Don’t forget Epic Tale Spin

  6. I’m not excited one bit.

  7. Epic Ducktales would be so crazy a concept that it would definitely work. They have my money if they do that or Epic Mickey 2. Wonder if a Wii U SKU is in the cards…

  8. I didn’t forget Epic TaleSpin, but I’m not that into flying games even though I like the TV show very much.

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