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Xbox One Backtracks On DRM Policies

I know, I know, this is not exactly Nintendo news, however it could potentially affect future sales of the Wii U once the Xbox One is launched.  According to Kotaku, “Microsoft will reverse course on their DRM policies for Xbox

The Gaming World Against The Wii U

It seems that everywhere you turn, there is nothing but negative news surrounding the Wii U.  Honestly, other than Infendo.com and a few other Nintendo centric websites, I cannot find anyone that has reported on the good aspects of the

The Life of Video Gamers: A Mockumentary

Work has been pretty busy for me the last few days, and I have had little time to focus on anything else, but today I decided that I needed to take a much needed break and browse the world of

Sonic 4: Episode II Boasts New, Bonus Content…but Leaves Nintendo Out to Dry?

The newest trailer for Sonic’s latest episodic release revealed this potentially disappointing news to the general public. Sonic 4: Episode I was, in my opinion, one of Sonic’s finest titles to date. Sure the physics were a bit…wonky, to be

Proposed Bill to Require Warning Labels on Video Games

Although this is not Nintendo Specific news, it could affect all NoA Fanboys and Girls just the same. RepublicanCongressman Joe Baca of California and Frank Wolf of Virginia have proposed a bill that would require video game developers to include

Epic New Project to be Revealed on March 27th

Warren Spector and Disney France have sent out invitations for a March 27th announcement of an “EPIC PROJECT”.   Rumors state that the announcement will reveal Epic Mickey 2, however other rumors hint that Epic Ducktales could be announced. I have