Microsoft at e3, how did they fare?

The Microsoft conference has come and gone and you know what? Their presser seemed very….Nintendo.

The majority of titles at the Microsoft presser seemed to be geared toward the market Nintendo has worked so hard to capture the last couple of years. Also, there seemed to be a lack of any new IPs from Microsoft aside from some Kinect stuff. ?If I was a kid, a lot of the Kinect titles would be super interesting and would probably be a ton of fun with them, but those titles just aren’t geared toward a gamer like myself.

By this time tomorrow we will know if Nintendo and Sony managed to do any better….and by better I mean not put the audience to sleep. Cloud saving is pretty neat though.

How do you think Microsoft did with their e3 press conference?

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.


  1. I, for one, think that MS is about to eat Nintendo’s cake!

    I’m especially impressed by how they are going to open the doors on Kinect experimentation… Remember all those videos on YouTube about amateur developers doing amazing stuff with the Wii controllers, which Nintendo completely ignored? MS is going the opposite way and embracing all those tinkerers. I think they will replace Nintendo for the fun, family-oriented experience pretty soon. Check this out:

  2. Before I respond. Let me first say that I own every current console and handheld. I mean to say that I do not consider myself a fanboy of any one brand. I enjoy the exclusive titles that each company offers. That being said, I came away thinking that xbox’s show was lame. I mean, watching the people demo the Kinnect titles made me feel embaraced for them. I just do not feel the urge to go ou and buy a kennect assesory for my xbox. I just feel that the game play would be tighter if you could wield a motion controller like nintendo’s and sony’s style of motion play. I felt that the motion based ghost recon target practiced looked too ackward and clumsy to be a preceded wY to play. I will say thatthe idea of tv/music/movies/games/etc. Looks very interesting, bit I don’t know how that will play out until they release all of that and we see what all content they can actually offer.

  3. Sorry. I meant to say that ghost recon konect controls were too awkward and clumsy to ever be a preferred way to play. (darn fat fingers!)

  4. Microsoft SUCKED!

    Or at least that’s how critics are going to put it I think. They showed about half an hour about their core games (most of which have some sort of gimmicky Kinect component, the stance that the guy went into for Ghose Recon Future Soldier to shoot just looked retarded and I know that I am never going to play a controllerless FPS), and then went all about Kinect games, most of which were family or casual games, which is fine, except the people watching your conference are mostly media/gaming nuts that I don’t think care so much about those types of games.

    It seems that there “core kinect games” are mostly just tacked on controls, with a couple of actual Kinect games that I don’t think look good (Fable looked like a rail shooter and Star Wars just looked awful to me).

    I am pretty sure that they will take last out of the three when you compare the shows.

  5. Their press conference games looked like it was the same as Nintendo E3 conference 2006. They showed kinect games like Sports season 2, Disneyland, Sesame street, Fable …. These types of games have been developed and released already on Wii for years now.

    However! The non-game related content like the streaming TV options, Youtube, Kinect fun lab, looked great. I am happy they are continuing to incorporate more media like features and make the 360 into more of an all around media device.

    Overall, a good presentation. Grade A.

  6. All this Kinect stuff feels like we’ve been there, done that, like we’re back in the first couple years of the Wii. Their conference had so many awkward moments with people waving their arms and talking to the XBox, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Nintendo’s past E3 with Ravi Drums, which everybody always makes fun of. I’m surprised MS wanted to go so casual at a hardcore gaming convention like E3, didn’t they learn from when Nintendo did it before?

  7. They’re doing the wii, worse and about 5 years too late. Pathetic. In every demo of Kinect, you can see the delay which actually hurts the gaming experience.

  8. Lolz nintendo will dominate this yarbige

  9. Two years in a row, MS has a boring E3.

  10. It seems that the only thing that Microsoft/Sony has over Nintendo is online play, and better graphics…other than that, the only ‘revolutionary’ thing they’re both doing is copying off of the big N.

  11. Also (sorry for the double post) it would seem that Nintendo is going to fix both those things with the Project Cafe…and if that’s the case, then the only reason to have a PS3/Xbox360 is for the console exclusive games. 😛

  12. From what I saw, too much Kenict, but then what else do they have other than that. Sony = NGP, Nintendo = 3DS + Project Cafe.

  13. It wasnt good and it wasnt bad. Micrsoft is on coast mode. They just really lacked hype. Nice try with kinectic i know what games i want now.

  14. The MS confernce looked pretty bad, but their sales are through the roof thanks to the Kinect.

    In other words, MS can pretty much ignore the hardcore FPS fans, put out their yearly FPS update titles and focus on the casual audience. It’s kind of brilliant.

    Nothing in the conference even remotely peaked my interest, but I expect it to help sell units. 360 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  15. Microsoft knows that there’s not much room for advancement with the hardcore FPS market. If you’re a hardcore gamer who likes FPS games, you probably already have an Xbox360 a long time ago (unless you’re a fanboy of the other systems)………This E3 shows that they want to expand in the casual market, hoping to convert all those brand new gamers that the Wii attracted since release. The Halo 4 teaser trailer showed at the very end of the conference is just to make sure that their true audience doesn’t feel like they got kicked in the ballzack. They needed to show something even if it’s not being released until the end of next year 2012.

  16. Way to pull a Jack Tretton Eugene.

  17. ‘Fair’ is not the same as ‘fare’

  18. Thanks spelling bee. Knew you wouldn’t fail me where my 3rd grade english teacher did.

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