Nintendo Buys Domain



The Internet is lit up today with the report that Nintendo has recently bought the domain Is it possible that we are seeing a revival of the original NES Super Mario Bros. series?

Earlier this year, Nintendo Of Japan’s President Satoru Iwata announced to investors back in January that the company would be releasing a new “Totally new side-scrolling action Super Mario in 2D”  by the end of the next Fiscal year (March 2012-April 2013.)

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to most. With games such Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and the recently announced return of Double Dragon, classic titles seem to be on the rise. The gaming industry is getting back to their roots, and that is a good thing. But no one will really know for sure until it is officially announced. Hopefully we will see something in a few months at E3.

Then again, Nintendo could just be buying up domains to avoid something like the Modern Warfare 3/ Battlefield 3 incident…

Would you like to see a new chapter in the original series? Or would you prefer to leave a masterpiece alone…