Nintendo & The Louvre Museum Teaming Up

 Here is something that is really neat. Nintendo & The Louvre Museum (Ya know, the one with the Mona Lisa…) have announced a partnership that will make use of the 3DS.

Nintendo Buys Domain

  The Internet is lit up today with the report that Nintendo has recently bought the domain Is it possible that we are seeing a revival of the original NES Super Mario Bros. series?

Does Anyone Still Play Face Raiders?

I Love my 3DS. It has an excellent library of games, downloadable content, Netflix, StreetPass and more. I have spent several hours saving Hyrule, racing Karts, finding the Princess, taking on the Underworld forces… The list could go on and on. One game though, has been on my 3DS since Day One yet I have not played since the day I turned my system on… Face Raiders. Seriously, does anyo...

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